365/365: Thank You! (but not goodbye)

Day 365/365

It’s the last day of the Sprouts Press 365 project!  It’s been a fun year sharing my journey as an artisan and creative small business owner.  I’ve enjoyed all your comments and likes, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.

DSC_0418_fotor_fotor_fotorI plan to continue blogging about Sprouts Press, my creative process, goings-on and other book-ish content, but it won’t be every day.  I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of content I’m capable of on a more relaxed schedule, and sharing the growth of my little company.  In the meantime, enjoy this collage of many of the books I’ve shared with you over the year!  That’s a lot of books!!

New In the Shop

Day 346/365DSC_0726_fotor

Please welcome some new handbound beauties into my Etsy shop: Hand Dyed Fancy Coptic Journals!  I think of these two books as being part of the same series because the covers are more sparsely dyed than some of the other hand dyed books.  I didn’t put a leather closure on either of them for that exact reason: I didn’t want any hardware to interfere with the composition on the front.

To learn more about these books, click here for the top book pictured and here for the bottom one.

The Studio on a Sunday

Day 334/365photo 3If you’ve been following my Instagram, or other social media feeds, then you’ll know that one of my favourite processes is to dye paper with indigo.  Well, this sunday was no exception as I spent some time at the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, fondly referred to as CBBAG (pronounced ‘cabbage’), where there was an indigo dyeing session.  photo 5_fotor

It was a small group of creative women, all of us eager to stretch our creative muscles.  People dyed paper, fabric, string, yarn, thread and even buttons!!  (I contemplated dyeing a bit of my hair, but chickened out in the end).  As these things usually go, what felt like an hour was actually 4 and the day came to an end before we knew it.
photo 1 Some of the results were really gorgeous – I can’t wait to see the projects these gems become!

To read more about my adventures in dyeing paper, go here.
To see some of the things I’ve made previously with hand dyed indigo paper, go here.

Studio on a Sunday

Day 257/365

Jog your memory back to last fall and my many posts about hand-dying paper.  Remember all that beautiful paper that I dyed using indigo and also watercolour paints?  I used most of it to make unique, one of a kind journals.  But there were off-cuts and scraps that were too small to use, which of course I saved.
DSC_0734Earlier this week I went to Paperhouse Studio and made good use of my end pieces.  I framed the best papers and pressed them into cute little art buttons!!  photo 4They turned out really well, some abstract and sharp, others more subtle and soft.  I’ve prototyped packaging and tested it this weekend, I’ll make necessary tweaks and then you can find them in my online shop!photo 1

Sprouts Press goes to Welland!

Day 256/36511188419_904786559590053_6664274523415045762_n

It’s a great day for a road trip to the Niagara region!  Stop by Vermeers Garden Centre in Welland and say Hi to yours truly and many other talented makers!

What: Heirlooms Artisan Market
When: Saturday June 20, 10am – 6pm
Where: Vermeers Garden Centre, 684 South Pelham St, Welland, Ontario

Pro tip: This is an Etsy sponsored event, you know what that means – swag bags!!  If you’re one of the first 100 people you’ll get a swag bag with some pretty awesome goodies inside!

For more details and vendor profiles, go here.

Gifts for Dad, Collection No. 2

Day 240/365


Still looking for a Father’s Day gift?  I’ve pulled together another great collection of items for dads that are cigar lovers, book collectors, allergy sufferers, poets and artists.  This list is tied together with a palette of greens and browns, inspired by springtime and days spent outside.

Starting from top left, going clockwise:

Tall Handbound Journal*: Part of a series of ‘one of a kind’ journals.  Since the covers are hand-dyed washi paper, no two books are identical.  Features a classy-yet-rugged reclaimed leather and brass button stud closure.

Ex Libris Bookplates, Set of 4*: For the book collector and/or serious reader, label your library with elegance!  Hand carved and printed, this set of 4 Ex Libris Bookplates comes in leaf green and has ample space to write your name and even a date, if desired.  Printed on self-adhesive paper.

Brown and White Organic Stripes Journal*: This book is part of the same series as the first in this collection.  It is a tall book with a substantial number of pages, 110 pages (220, front and back) to be exact, making it perfect for the daily entries of keen journallers.

Hay Fever Hankies*: Hand printed and hand sewn, these cute hankies depict some of the plants that cause hay fever.  Cheeky, I know.  A wonderful addition to your pockets or handbag, forget tissues and use a soft, 100% cotton, hand printed & sewn hanky instead!

Cigar Box Journal*: This series of handsome hardcover journals gives new life to old cigar boxes!  Various brands available, check the online shop to see if the perfect one is in stock.

Florentine Hardcover Journal: The beauty of this book lies in the details. A small wrap around closure, from reclaimed leather, fastens shut with an understated and simple yet classy antiqued brass button stud.  The covers depict a brown and green foliage motif, perfect for gardeners!

Grass Green Watercolour Sketchbook*: This is a lovely, hardcover landscape-oriented watercolour sketchbook, housing only 140lb watercolour paper.  Handmade bookcloth adorns the covers in grass green and a classy ribbon bookmark, in pale green, keeps your place.

*Can also be found in real life at brick and mortar shops around Ontario!  Go here to find a retailer near you.  I recommend calling ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

New in the Shop

Day 235/365DSC_0722

New to the shop is a journal inspired by tree trunks and a green canopy.  It’s part of the hand-dyed journal series and is stitched using the Coptic technique.

To see more photos and learn more, go here.

New in the Shop

Day 227/365DSC_0707

One of the latest additions to my etsy shop is part of a series of journals with hand-dyed covers.  I’ve already shared several of the Indigo Journal variations, but this is a larger series, focusing on the lovely tones achieved with sepia. DSC_0709 This is a coptic stitched book, with reclaimed leather and a brass button stud closure, which also makes it part of the Fancy Coptic journal series.

I love the size and weight of this journal; if it were smaller it would be a chunky book, but it’s taller size makes it more of a sketchbook or journal perfect for longer prose.

See it online in my Etsy shop here.

New in the Shop

Day 220/365
DSC_0747This is the second of the latest Handbound Journal series to join my Etsy shop.  It’s another coptic journal showcasing my hand-dyed washi paper on the covers, in Indigo!

As I mentioned last week, I love the fact that each of the books in this series are unique and different.  Last week’s journal featured paper with a softer, overall blue colour.  This week is a fun striped effect!  I love the painterly tones of blue and the organic shapes of the stripes.  I can imagine this being the perfect beach or cottage companion!

To learn more and view it on Etsy, go here.

Tall Journal

Day 213/365DSC_0702

In case you haven’t guessed, this journal is pretty tall.  Not too tall, but enough to warrant the title.

Okay, silliness aside, this is the latest addition to my Etsy shop!  It’s actually part of the Fancy Coptic series of books, featuring my hand-dyed washi paper in a rich brown.  It’s a chunky book with 220 pages (front and back), making it perfect for people who go through journals quickly.

As always, the closure is made from reclaimed leather and completed with a brass button stud.  One of the main highlights of this book, and all of the books using my hand-dyed washi paper covers, is the fact that it’s one of a kind.  The process of hand-dying paper yields different results every time, making each journal unique.

To learn more, check out the Etsy listing here.