The Art & Craft of Tiny Books: A Workshop

Next weekend I’m debuting a brand new bookbinding class: The Art & Craft of Tiny Books.  There are still a few spaces so I wanted to invite you to join in the fun!  

It’s a two day class, and we’ll explore 4 different structures, each one teaching different bookmaking skills.  We’ll re-purpose old books, use fancy papers, and bits and remnants from previous projects.  

Of course, this means that there will be time to play with materials and personalize your set of books, making them perfect for gifting or keeping.

Everyone will leave with at least 4 finished mini books, but likely more as time permits.

If I’ve piqued your interest, here are the details you need:

When: Saturday & Sunday December 1 & 2, 2018 (10am – 5pm both days)
Where: CBBAG Bindery, 180 Shaw St.

For more information & to register, please go here.

*Please note that registration closes Wednesday at 11:59pm.


New Bookbinding Class – This Fall!

I’ve got a brand new class coming up!  It’s for all of you who know the basics of bookbinding and are looking for the next skill to build on what you’ve already learned.

It’s a two day class, and I’ll teach a variation of the Coptic stitch, and some fun contemporary variations of stab bindings.  I’ll also be teaching two different styles of hard covers!!

What: Coptic & Stab Bindings: Exposing the Possibilities
When: Saturday September 15 & Sunday September 16, 2018: 10am – 5pm
Where: CBBAG Bindery, 180 Shaw Street, Toronto

For more full details & to register, please go here.

Teaching in Beautiful Spaces

Raise your hands if you’ve ever found yourself in a beautiful space that made you just stop and take it all in.  Bonus points if you looked up and noticed an equally beautiful ceiling.

(Photo by Gotamago)

If you haven’t yet been to Gotamago’s Studio Shop, I highly recommend it!  It’s a space they renovated themselves, and it’s as stunning as Lichia’s paintings and illustrated goods.  It’s also where I’ll be teaching the next Sampler Bookbinding class, on June 9.  I’d love to see you there!

What: Bookbinding Sampler Workshop for Beginners
When: Saturday June 9, 2018  1pm – 4pm
Where: Gotamago Studio Shop, 1231 Woodbine Avenue, Toronto

For more information & to register, please go here.

See you in class!

Join us this Sunday for an afternoon of paper fun! In this class students will learn how to hand stitch your own Travelers Notebook inserts.

First, students will learn about the tools of the trade, then we’ll craft the notebooks in an easy to follow book binding method that is suitable for the Travelers Notebook REGULAR SIZE. We will have a selection of papers (grid, craft, etc), that will make for some amazing customized notebooks for your TN. One you learn the skills, you will be able to make all kinds of inserts in different sizes.

Suitable for beginners, everyone leaves with as many 4 or 5 inserts as they can make in the time allotted.

What: Travellers Notebook Insert Making – a Bookbinding Workshop
When: Sunday April 15, 2018.  1pm – 5pm
Where: Paper Plus Cloth, 1340 Queen Street West, Toronto

For more information & to register, please go here.

(photo: Paper Plus Cloth)

Road Trip to Guelph

Look at these beautiful hand bound, hand painted journals!  This is what students made at Sunday’s workshop at the Guelph School of Art; Painted Longstitch/Linkstitch journals.  If you’ve never been, this is a gorgeous, light filled studio on the 3rd floor of Wyndham Art Supplies in the heart of Guelph.

A big Thank You to everyone at Guelph School of Art, it’s always a pleasure teaching there.

If you missed out and want to join the bookbinding fun, I have more workshops coming up over the next couple of months.  Go here to see what’s next.

Studio Talk: My Favourite Part of Fine Binding (so far)

As part of my 2018 plan to expand my little company and grow my bookbinding skillset, I’m taking classes in Fine Binding!  These classes are offered through CBBAG (Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, ‘cabbage’ for short).  Most of the books I currently make for Sprouts Press are exposed spine bindings; Coptic, Long/Linkstitch, etc.  These new skills will create fancy round backed books with raised cords and leather spines!  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry, I’ll be chronicling it all right here in the coming weeks.  For now, here’s my favourite part so far: sewing endbands from scratch!  I think I’m drawn to the pearly sheen of the silk thread, the rich colours and the patterns for wrapping them. 

For more information on CBBAG’s core bookbinding classes, see their website here.

Studio Sunday (on a Monday)

This isn’t my studio, and it’s not Sunday, but I don’t care because this was a great weekend of bookbinding.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of teaching my craft to a really wonderful group of people at the Burlington Public Library’s ‘Bookbinding Hub’. We learned the magic of painting your own covers, and turning them into handbound books.

It was a fun afternoon, and look at the results; gorgeous notebooks all around!

If you missed this class and want to join the fun, keep an eye on the Workshops section of my site for upcoming classes.

Studio Sunday

Today’s Studio Sunday is a throwback to a couple of weeks ago when I took a wonderful paper marbling class over at Paperhouse Studio with the talented Liam Blackburn. Last week I promised to continue with the series of posts about the Bradel Binding I was working on (last week was sewn headbands).  I’m so thrilled to be able to use paper I marbled myself as the covers.  This is what the vat looks like just before dipping the paper in.  The washed-out design (with terrible ceiling reflections) is actually the paint sitting on top of the fluid.  We had about 5 minutes to perfect our designs before the paint started falling into the vat, making it impossible to pick up on the paper.  While this wasn’t my favourite design, I did learn a lot from each technique and can’t wait to try it again!

Studio Sunday

This week I’m throwing it back to last week when I practiced my sewn headbands on a Bradel binding.  Just a simple single bead with silk thread onto a single core.  Perhaps it’s because I get to use a needle and thread, or perhaps it’s because of instant gratification (no pressing or drying time!), but I really enjoy sewing headbands.  It’s still fairly new to me, but I am hooked!

I’ll be posting more about this project in coming Studio Sundays.  See you next week for part two!

Studio Sunday

dsc_0707While I’m taking a day off today, yesterday I was at CBBAG (Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild).  I was teaching folks the joys of deconstructing old books and making them into new ones using the coptic stitch.

If you’ve missed the first couple of workshops for 2017, don’t worry, there are more coming up!  Just visit the workshops section of my website to see a full list.  If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer your questions via email (  See you in the bindery!