New Bookbinding Class – this December!

My newest bookbinding class is open for registration!  It’s a fun one that I’m really looking forward to, something a little different than I normally teach, but love making for myself.

“The Art & Craft of Tiny Books” is the title of the class, and it’s running this December – less than a month away!
A bit more about the class:

This two-day class explores 4 different mini book structures, each teaching different bookmaking skills.

We’ll re-purpose old books, use fancy papers, and bits and remnants from previous projects. There will be time to play with materials and personalize your set of books, making them perfect for gifting or keeping.

Everyone will leave with at least 4 finished mini books, but likely more as time permits.

When: Saturday December 1 – Sunday December 2, 10am – 5pm each day.
Where: CBBAG Bindery, 180 Shaw St., Toronto

For more information & to register, please see the CBBAG website here.


Wordless Wednesday 17.10.18

BOUND Book Arts Fair

Things will be a bit different around Sprouts Press this Autumn.  I’m taking a break from the One of a Kind Show, and using this time to participate in some of my favourite shows that I couldn’t over the last few years.

For example, BOUND Book Arts Fair! (previously held at OCAD, now at the Arts & Letters Club). As a student, this show was the first time I sold one of my handbound blank books and realized that I could, in fact, make some money as an artist.  I remember spending hours making case-bound books to sell for a mere $20 each.  I also remember the thrill of selling my first pieces – what joy!

I’d love for you to stop by and say Hi, and witness this new version of the Book Arts Fair (and at the gorgeous Arts & Letters Club!).

When:  Sunday December 9, 2018.  11am – 5pm
Where: Arts & Letters Club, 14 Elm St., Toronto (near Yonge & Dundas)

For more information, please go here.

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Printed Logbooks

Just over a year ago I introduced a project I’d been working on for a while; printed logbooks!  This was a design inspired by feedback from customers, at shows and online, who wanted handbound journals with specific purposes and printed pages. 

I’m so happy to say that they’ve grown to include 3 designs; Correspondence Journals, Reader’s Logbooks and Recipe Journals.  And, of course, the colour selection has increased because I just can’t help myself.

To learn more about these books, check them out in my Etsy shop here.  And if you want to read the original post I wrote about them (the one from a year ago), just go here.

Cozy Journals

Autumn is my favourite season, full of colour and beauty.  I love the crispness in the air (it’s the only time of year I actually eat apples, preferably right from the tree).  And, of course, it means that my sketching and journalling habits start changing to an indoors activity.

I know I’ve said this before, but I just love the tactile quality fabric-covered journals offer.  For example, the journals pictured above are all covered in plaid fabric and paired with reclaimed leather and brass closures.  They are cozy and soft, perfect for Autumn notes!

For details and more photos of these gems, go here.


February: International Correspondence Writing Month!

February just got a whole lot better.  Why? Because it’s International Correspondence Writing Month! (InCoWriMo for short)

To participate, all you have to do is hand write and mail/deliver one piece of correspondence a day for the month of February.  This can be letters, postcards, notes, cards, etc.  And it can be to anyone; strangers, public figures, friends, family, etc.  You can write to a different person each day, the same person every day, or any combo in between!  collageit

And good news, if you want to keep all this correspondence organized, take a look at Sprouts Press’ Correspondence Journals!  You may remember them from last year’s One of a Kind Christmas Show (maybe you got one as a gift?).  They’re finally available online, take a look here.  More colours are being added daily, so keep your eyes peeled!

Or, if you prefer to shop in person, I’ll have a selection of Correspondence Journals, amongst other hand bound journals, available at the Paper Fair this saturday (February 4, 2017) at Toronto’s First Post Office.  Please go here for details.

Want more information about InCoWriMo?  Check out the official website here.

Favourite Words: Tips for Using Your Journal

Today I’ve decided to share one of my favourite posts about using your journal.  It’s a link way back to the beginning of my Use Your Journal series, but it’s timeless.

This post explains a simple use for your journal, but it’s proven to be a favourite of mine as I have more than one book dedicated to this use.  Read on to see what it’s all about!  

***Note: If you prefer to read the original post, no prob! Just go here to see it.


As you may have noticed from my previous post, I’m on a bit of a hand-lettering and calligraphy kick these days.  I’m also enjoying the idea of a few posts that promote journalling, sketching and using journals in general.

When I first had this idea I immediately pulled my quotes journal from the bookshelf, and decided to share a few of my favourite pages. photo 1I will admit that this is a big step for me, I don’t usually share the contents of my journals and sketchbooks.  But these are just quick, pretty little notes that I jotted down in less than 10 minutes.  And that’s the idea, you can do it too!photo 4You can find quotes all over the place: online, via a ‘quotes’ app (there are many!), at the library, etc.  Sometimes the best are snippets of conversations overheard in passing, or by looking at groupings of book titles on shelves to see if they form a sentence.  It’s also fun to pick up a book and open it to a random page and see what you get, like a box of chocolates!  (Well, maybe not quite like chocolates, but you get the idea)  photo 2Fun pens and markers are also a welcome addition.  A bit of colour or shading can give your page just the right tone.
photo 3

If you want to try this yourself here are a couple of tips:

-Choose a quote that isn’t too long, make sure it fits on the page and that there’s room for a border to be drawn around it.

-Make sure to jot down the author of the quote so you can give credit and search for more inspiring words by that person.

-You can put a ground of colour down first with markers (as in the last photo above), and then write your quote on top.

-Feel free to use a simple, minimalist border or to get more creative and swirly.  Really whatever you feel like is what goes!

-Don’t try to make it too perfect, this is meant to be a quick exercise that is fun and enjoyable!

Do you have any other tips for quick quote-taking?  Have fun!