Contest Time!

collageitFor the next week I’m having a giveaway contest over on instagram!!  The winner will get a pair of Romeo & Juliet Book Ornaments, and 2 Quick Notes Notebooks!

But this isn’t a plain old boring contest.  I’m appealing to all the book nerds out there with something a little different.  To enter, in addition to regular instagram contest rules (ie. follow @sproutspress), I’m asking folks to share their favourite line from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.  Fun, right?!

You have until January 30 2017 to brush up on your reading.  Get to it!!

To see full contest rules, head over to Sprouts Press instagram page here.


How to open a Starburst Book Ornament: A Video!

You asked and I listened!  Here’s a quick little video of how to open a Starburst Book Ornament, from Mini Book to Starburst!  Easy peasy!!

There are a few of these little guys left, along with some other holiday items, all on sale over in my Etsy shop!  See them here.

Wordless Wednesday 14.10.15



365/365: Thank You! (but not goodbye)

Day 365/365

It’s the last day of the Sprouts Press 365 project!  It’s been a fun year sharing my journey as an artisan and creative small business owner.  I’ve enjoyed all your comments and likes, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.

DSC_0418_fotor_fotor_fotorI plan to continue blogging about Sprouts Press, my creative process, goings-on and other book-ish content, but it won’t be every day.  I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of content I’m capable of on a more relaxed schedule, and sharing the growth of my little company.  In the meantime, enjoy this collage of many of the books I’ve shared with you over the year!  That’s a lot of books!!

The Studio on a Sunday

Day 285/365

The last couple of weeks have been the start of holiday production time here at Sprouts Press.  I talked about this a little while ago in this post.  Today I’m making ornaments, thinking about the last time I made ornaments, which wasn’t for Christmas at all!

This is an ‘in progress’ shot of my Valentines Starburst Book Ornaments being made, with pages from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  I really enjoy pairing up appropriate literature to the holiday to make these decorations.  Last year I used Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, which I plan to use again, but I’ll have an additional choice this year – stay tuned!

Christmas in July Sale!

Day 279/365Announcing the Sprouts Press official Christmas in July Sale!  If you read this post a few days ago, you’ll know that I’m in the thick of creating holiday products.  It’s no wonder I decided to participate in this year’s Christmas in July sale.  (I will admit to having listened to a carol or two . . . . or three).  I’ve got some regular items in the sale section.  And, I’ve brought back everyone’s favourite: Book Ornaments!  Get them now before they run out!!

Sale details:
-Runs now until the end of the month, July 31, 2015.
-Discount is already applied, and offer is exclusively for items in the ‘Christmas in July Sale‘ section!  Easy peasy!!

Cabin Fever February: Only 2 Days Left!!

Day 143/365photo 3

Just a friendly reminder that there are only 2 days left of my shop-wide sale at Arts Market on college!

Everything in the Sprouts Press space is marked down by 30%, so make sure to scoop that journal you’ve been eyeing for a while – when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Romeo & Juliet

Day 104/365DSC_0805You may remember a couple of sundays ago I posted about making a new series of the ever-popular Starburst Book ornaments; Star Cross’d Lovers Book ornaments.  Well, here they are finished!

DSC_0808 I focused on 4 cover designs, each a bit different.  There is a simple gold pattern (above), a sweet floral (top photo), a more traditional tile-inspired pattern (pictured below) and an organic flora-based pattern (bottom photo).  DSC_0811 This pattern is my favourite, I love the repetition and bold white on red.  It reminds me of fancy kitchen tiles and tea time spent with loved ones.DSC_0821I love the versatility of these little ornaments; they can be displayed closed to show off the fancy paper cover, or you can burst it open to a star to hang.  Since they come as a set of two, you can do one of each.  Or you can give one to your Valentine and see which way they prefer to display it.

See my etsy shop for details.

Shop Local!

Day 102/365

I’m pleased to announce that you can now find a selection of Sprouts Press’ Valentines and Winter-themed items right here in Toronto at Freedom Clothing Collective!

DSC_0811_fotor Pictured above are ‘Star Cross’d Lovers’ Starburst Book Ornaments.  You can also find a variety of Bookbinding Kits (including the popular Wintertime Kit), and a selection of Quick Notes handpainted journals in lovey-dovey hues.

The Studio on a Sunday

Day 96/365DSC_0705

Today in the studio it’s all about Valentines Day!  Many shades of pink, red and white are floating around here, all in the name of books of course.


A sneak peek at some new designs for a series of Star Cross’d Lovers Book Ornaments.


With inside pages from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, of course.  DSC_0710

Keep your eyes peeled for these to be released in my Etsy shop next week!