Boxing Week Sale!

Hope you’ve all had a chance to take some time for yourself and reflect on 2016, while thinking ahead to the new year just around the corner.  To make things a bit lighter and a bit brighter, I’ve decided to hold a sale!  collageit**BOXING WEEK SALE!** 20% off everything with code NEWYEARNEWJOURNAL at checkout!  Start 2017 with a brand-new, hand-crafted, unique journal!  Nothing like a clean slate to start the year!!

Sale ends January 1, 2017.  Applicable to Sprouts Press’ etsy shop only, discount applied before shipping and taxes.



365/365: Thank You! (but not goodbye)

Day 365/365

It’s the last day of the Sprouts Press 365 project!  It’s been a fun year sharing my journey as an artisan and creative small business owner.  I’ve enjoyed all your comments and likes, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.

DSC_0418_fotor_fotor_fotorI plan to continue blogging about Sprouts Press, my creative process, goings-on and other book-ish content, but it won’t be every day.  I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of content I’m capable of on a more relaxed schedule, and sharing the growth of my little company.  In the meantime, enjoy this collage of many of the books I’ve shared with you over the year!  That’s a lot of books!!

Use Your Journal!

Day 280/365

I spent last Sunday in Unionville, Ontario at a beautiful little show with some fantastic people.  And, as often happens, some people were drawn to my pieces but hesitant to purchase because they feared they would never use the journal.  Part of my motto is that my books ‘are designed to be used, well worn and well loved’.  Needless to say, while I appreciate a healthy collection of journals (read: more than *a few*), it’s even nicer to actually use them as it adds value and enriches your experience with the book.

In an effort to help people out who have difficulty starting that coveted journal, I started writing a series of blog posts titled; Use Your Journal!  Today I’ve rounded them up and conveniently listed them here for you, all in one place.DSC_0100

This list starts with posts about using your journal, prior to me titling them ‘Use Your Journal!’.  I recommend starting at the top of the list and working your way down.  They progress from ideal environments to journal, to the different purposes for different books, to prompts and examples of uses for journals and sketchbooks.  If you have a request, just ask!

Plein Air  Day 7/365

Inspiring Things (these days)  Day 88/365

Use Your Journal No. 1  Day 94/365

Use Your Journal No. 2  Day 129/365

Use Your Journal No. 3  Day 140/365

Use Your Journal No. 4  Day 147/365

Use Your Journal No. 5  Day 170/365

Use Your Journal No. 6  Day 206/365

Studio 205

Day 151/365

10897739_894805643875104_5883956333293440197_nToday is the grand opening of a new shop in Hamilton, Studio 205!  Sprouts Press is proud to be a part of this shop alongside 22 other talented makers and artists.

If you’re in Hamilton stop by for treats and coffee (and some loose leaf teas, we’ve been told!) and check out the diversity of handmade products!  Sprouts Press has a full line of products showcased, including journals, sketchbooks, book jewellery and bookbinding kits.  And keep your eyes open for workshops in the near future as they have a classroom space in the basement.



Day 93/365Untitled-4

It’s a book smorgasbord!  A smorgasbook, if you will!

Take a look some of the lovely handbound books that have found new homes over the last few months.  Maybe one of them is now yours?  I’d love to hear your favourite journalling topics and techniques!

Inspiring Things (these days)

Day 88/365

After the conclusion of a large project, or the close of a busy holiday season I often find myself searching for what’s next.  Obviously I’ve got all the ‘business’ things to keep the left side of my brain busy these days.  But what about the next steps for the creativity that drives Sprouts Press, what will the next collection of journals be?  What function will they serve or what questions will they answer, if any?  Will they just be pretty objects that also happen to be books or something else?

I’ve found myself circling around a few topics and activities over the last couple of weeks that seem to be influencing these decisions.  While I’m not going to share what they are, (yet, sorry!) I’d love to tell you how I reached them, with the hope that other kindred spirits are also on this type of quest and might find it useful.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, this is what I do:

1. Go to the library.  Take the library bag.  Spend around 2/3 of the time in the non-fiction section and 1/3 in the fiction section.  I like to choose books that are a combination of inspiring and instructional, and books on things that I’ve never tried before (ie. traditional Norwegian knitting!!  So beautiful!).  And while I probably won’t actually learn traditional Norwegian knitting, I will certainly enjoy the craftsmanship and detail of the pieces in the book.

Gather enough books to max out your library card.  Seriously.  (It doesn’t cost anything, unless you don’t return them on time.  I *may* have done this once or twice).  While it’s nice to know exactly what you want to look at, it’s so great to just wander the stacks and see what pops out, what titles catch your eye.

2. Drink tea in the sunshine.  This one requires a bit more patience, for me anyways.  To find a sunny window and really enjoy a cup of my favourite tea while not thinking about anything else, just the tea.  I will be honest, it’s rare that I can do this for an entire cup of tea.  Usually it’s just half the cup, then I get sidetracked/eager to look at my library books.  I still enjoy the tea, but more in a gulping look-at-that-awesome-piece-of-artwork kind of way.  In the summertime this is an outdoor/backyard/cafe patio activity!

3. Tidy up the workspace.  I’ve said this before, but a tidy workspace really is so inviting when starting a new project.  Everything is easily found and nothing needs to be moved out of the way to clear another corner of the desk.  I suppose it’s the same idea with a journal; the blank page is uncluttered and prepped for your ideas and creativity.

On days when I do these things in the morning, I find the rest of the day just flies by with me working away and before I know it, it’s time to start dinner.  I get completely lost in designing or creating or researching, and I love it!  Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

January Second

Day 87/365

It’s the last day of Sprouts Press’ boxing week sale!!  Now’s the time to scoop that journal you’ve been eyeing and use it to start 2015 right!  You have until midnight tonight.10603784_10153326517165752_7690676808225393274_n - Version 2_fotor

In other news, I would normally share my new year’s resolutions now, being the first *real* day of the new year (the 1st is a holiday, but the 2nd is for real).  But I cannot as they are all surprises, so you must wait!  I’m done with the boring, mundane and expected resolutions.  I figure they should just happen all the time anyways.

Hope everyone’s new year has started off on a stellar note!

Boxing Week Sale!

Day 80/365

10603784_10153326517165752_7690676808225393274_n - Version 2_fotor

That’s right, I’m having an end of year sale, to coincide with Boxing Week!

You can get 15% off your entire order of $50 or more, before shipping, when you use code BOXING14 at checkout!  Yippee!!

Visit my etsy shop to see for yourself!

Official Opening!

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the official opening party of my new vendor space at Arts Market!  I’m so pleased with my booth there, the lovely staff and the opportunity to host my book making workshops and classes on a regular basis.  It’s the start of something great!!DSC_0653

This opening is to celebrate not only my own vendor space, but also a few other Arts Market ‘newbies’.  We will be taking over the space for the evening and hope you’ll join us!

The details:
December 11, 2014 from 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Arts Market, 846 College Street, Toronto (just west of Ossington Avenue)

For more info, please take a look at our facebook event found here.