More Bookbinding Workshops!

The fall workshop schedule is rolling out!  Another batch of classes were just added to my site!

New additions are: Painted Longstitch/Linkstitch and Hardcover Arrow Stitch!!  Go check them out here!!

Latest Projects: Cigar Books!

If you’ve been following me here for a while, you’ll know that these cigar books aren’t actually newcomers to what I do.  Maybe you remember my first post about them way back in 2014 as part of my 365 project? Rather, these are an updated version of a previous collection.The leather tie has been updated to a more robust reclaimed leather, in a slightly different hue of brown.  And I’ve decided to mimic the construction of the cigar boxes from which they’re made, thus using the entire box with very little waste!

I’ve put the bottom panel of the box as the back cover.  And the gorgeously decorated top flaps of these boxes are showcased as the front cover of the book.  So when the closed book sits flat, the boards sit in relation to where they did in their previous life.

For more details on either of these notebooks, just click the photos, or go here.

Etsy: Made in Canada *save the date!*

Planning ahead and already prepping for fall shows!  Speaking of which, I’ll be at the Etsy Made in Canada show again this year, here in Toronto!  It’s at the MaRS building, as usual, and runs 10am – 6pm.

As always, there’ll be swag bags too!

For more information, see the show event page here.

*NEW* Bee-Themed DIY Bookbinding Kits!!

Meet the newest themed DIY Bookbinding Kits from Sprouts Press!  These Bee Themed kits are inspired by our pollinator friends, who are so busy this time of year.

In this kit you get all the goods normally in my Bookbinding Kits, with the addition of bee-colours covers (1 black & 1 yellow), and a sample of some very sweet bee washi tape!!

These were created in a limited edition and only 5 remain!  If you want one, follow the link below to get one and make your own beeautiful journals!  (get it?  BEE-autiful??)

To read all about the Bee Themed DIY Bookbinding Kits and see more photos, go here.

Deconstructed and Reclaimed: A bookbinding class

The next bookbinding class I’ll be teaching is a 1 needle coptic stitch, using reclaimed covers from discarded library books.  A great way to repurpose old books!

Want to know what else is exciting about this workshop?  It will be one of the first classes offered at the *brand new* location of CBBAG!!  Woot!

If you’ve been considering taking up bookbinding, this is a good place to start.  I always try to create a respectful and safe learning environment so everyone feels welcome.  I’d love to see you in class!

“Learn how to craft your own hand-bound hardcover journal using discarded books. This workshop will introduce you to the tools of the trade, materials, and techniques to deconstruct a book and repurpose it into a new journal, using the Coptic stitch to bind the book.”

When:  Sunday August 27, 2017  10am – 5pm
Where:  Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, 180 Shaw St. #102, Toronto *New Location!

For more information & to register, please go here.

Wordless Wednesday 12.07.17


Bookbinding Toolkits 2.0

Doing a little update to the Bookbinder’s Toolkits of last year, v.2.0 will be out soon!  I’ll list them on Etsy and keep everyone in the loop.

I’ve got another project I’m working on, to coincide with these toolkits.  Can’t spill the beans just yet, but I am learning a ton and can’t wait to share!

Hello Hamilton!

Bookbinding Workshop at the Art Gallery of Hamilton:

Brand new for Sprouts Press: bookbinding workshop in Hamilton!

Join us for an afternoon of paper fun! In this afternoon class learn the basics of bookbinding and the tools of the trade. Participants will learn three different binding techniques to hand craft their own soft cover notebooks. This is a hands on class and everyone will leave with finish projects!

What: Bookbinding Workshop with Carolyn of Sprouts Press
When:  Saturday August 12, 2017  12pm – 3pm
Where:  Art Gallery of Hamilton, 123 King Street West, Hamilton

For more information & to register, please go here.