Wordless Wednesday 14.10.15




365/365: Thank You! (but not goodbye)

Day 365/365

It’s the last day of the Sprouts Press 365 project!  It’s been a fun year sharing my journey as an artisan and creative small business owner.  I’ve enjoyed all your comments and likes, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.

DSC_0418_fotor_fotor_fotorI plan to continue blogging about Sprouts Press, my creative process, goings-on and other book-ish content, but it won’t be every day.  I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of content I’m capable of on a more relaxed schedule, and sharing the growth of my little company.  In the meantime, enjoy this collage of many of the books I’ve shared with you over the year!  That’s a lot of books!!

Late Night Listing

Day 364/365DSC_0747New in the shop: a festive Starburst Journal!  It’s that time of year to start thinking about the holidays and all that fun stuff.

For details, go here.

Studio on a Sunday

Day 363/365photo-23Today in the studio I’m tackling leather journals!  I’m completely out of them in the Etsy shop, so I figured it’s time to restock.  First ones should be online early next week.

This time around I’m keeping it simple; one size, one stitch style, and just a few neutral colour choices.  There may be some options for personalization in the near future!!  Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting development!!

Autumn No.1

Day 362/365

Today I’m inspired by Autumn, it’s one of my favourite seasons!  So I’ve decided to share the love and post this treasury I curated, featuring 16 other Canadian makers over on Etsy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 1.28.04 PMFeatured shops:

Line 1: Two Blooms Design Studio, GBrosseau, Ohhh Lulu, Sarita Baby

Line 2: Cattails Woodwork, bStudio, Water In My Paint, Sea of Wolves Design

Line 3: Trowel and Paintbrush, Mai Lin Jewelry, Impressus, Sarah Wormell

Line 4: Blue Brocade, KapKa Design, Second Shot, The Cottage Workroom

Craft Ontario Show

Day 361/365CraftOntario_2015CraftShow_Poster_JPGIt’s almost the Craft Ontario Show!  In just a couple of weeks I’ll have a booth at this show in Wychwood Barns here in Toronto alongside an amazing collection of makers and artists!

For details and directions, go here.

New in the Shop

Day 360/365DSC_0747Meet the newest addition to the Sprouts Press online shop!  A good old coptic journal, with a built in braided bookmark complete with coin and bead!  Perfect for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, this is a tree-lovers journal.

Pages are 100% recycled blank paper, and covers are handmade paper in a lovely soft shade of yellow with a green leaves print.  You can see small flecks and bits of botanicals in the fibres, it’s really beautiful!

See it here.

Wordless Wednesday 30.09.15

Day 359/365DSC_0735

Nearly 365

Day 358/365

Well, it’s getting closer and closer to the end of my 365 project and I cannot believe how fast it’s flown by!  Sure, there were days when I asked myself why, oh why did I ever think to do this in the first place!  But, after a quick scan of my blogging journal I remembered the reasons why I took on this project. 

Within the next few days I’ll be doing a recap and wind down of the project and choosing what posts to continue writing and which to remove.  To be honest, I’m looking forward to streamlining my posts and seeing how it affects engagement and followers (and having a bit more time to bind books).

If you have a favourite type of post that I write, or series of posts, leave a comment below and I’ll decide whether or not to include them in the post-365 roster.

Thank You!

Day 357/365DSC_0751_fotorA big, heartfelt Thank You to everyone who came out to the show on saturday, who signed up for my workshop and visited my booth with a smile!  Meeting all of you and chatting books makes my heart sing!  Thank You!