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Wordless Wednesday 25.07.18


Book Arts in Grimsby

This Saturday is the Wayzgoose Book Arts Fair in Grimsby!  I’ll be there with my wares, among so many other talented bookbinders, printmakers, papermakers, small press and everything between.  It’s also the 40th anniversary of the show!  I’d love for you to come out and say Hi, and see what it’s all about.

What: Wayzgoose Book Arts Fair
When: Saturday April 28, 2018.  9am – 5pm.
Where: Grimsby Public Art Gallery, 18 Carnegie Lane, Grimsby, Ontario.

For more information please go here.

365/365: Thank You! (but not goodbye)

Day 365/365

It’s the last day of the Sprouts Press 365 project!  It’s been a fun year sharing my journey as an artisan and creative small business owner.  I’ve enjoyed all your comments and likes, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.

DSC_0418_fotor_fotor_fotorI plan to continue blogging about Sprouts Press, my creative process, goings-on and other book-ish content, but it won’t be every day.  I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of content I’m capable of on a more relaxed schedule, and sharing the growth of my little company.  In the meantime, enjoy this collage of many of the books I’ve shared with you over the year!  That’s a lot of books!!

Wordless Wednesday 08.07.15

Day 274/365DSC_0761

Spending the day with other Wayzgeese!

Day 200/365

It’s the Wayzgoose Annual Book Arts Fair!11017211_821195567958006_3693839125684605134_o

Today I’m in Grimsby celebrating my craft with other like-minded folks and selling my wares at the Wayzgoose.  If you’re looking for a scenic day trip, an escape from the city or just something crafty and inspiration to do, head over to the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.

When: Saturday April 25, 9am – 5pm
Where: Grimsby Public Art Gallery, 18 Carnegie Lane, Grimsby Ontario.

For more information about the show and the gallery, check out their website here.

The Grey Beaded Journal


Cleaning and organizing always leads to reminiscing for me.  Like this beaded coptic journal, for instance.  It’s the last one of a series, all featuring my own handmade paper on the covers and matching beading details.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The covers showcase my own handmade papers, each is different.
From left to right:
Coral: pigmented cotton.
Green: pigmented abaca with multicoloured gampi inclusions.
Blue: pigmented abaca with multicoloured gampi inclusions.
Grey-Black: pigmented cotton with supersparkle!! *This is the last one!
White: cotton.
Tan: my own pine needle fibres mixed with abaca for strength.

And this is the last one left!  The grey-black sparkly journal with royal blue beading detail on the cover, check it out here.

Wordless Wednesday 28.1.15

Day 113/365