Carolyn, creator of Sprouts Press

About Carolyn:

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to draw and write in sketchbooks and journals.  While at art college (OCAD) in Toronto, I marvelled at the printmaking department and fell in love with papermaking, printmaking and found book arts. Then I studied art overseas in Italy and further developed my love for hand bound books and a few years later my heart was set. I decided it was time to get serious and trust myself by following my dreams – Sprouts Press was born!

Now, I craft hand-bound books, I use a needle and thread, beeswax and a variety of binding stitches, some ancient and some that I created. I reclaim materials whenever possible be it page papers or cover materials.  I consider size, shape, texture, colour and practicality. Aesthetics are important, but I also really want people to express their hearts out on the pages of the books I make. These objects are designed to be used, well worn and well loved.

Why ‘Sprouts’ Press?

There are two main reasons why I chose Sprouts Press.

When I first started this adventure, I was young and at the beginning of my adult life.  I was in awe of the possibilities and strong in my conviction to enjoy every moment.  It was a time of growth and awakening, much like the sprouting of a new plant.

This passion overflows to my work, so when I craft a hand-bound book there are many considerations.  But none more so than the integrity of the binding and it’s ability to combine aesthetics with usability and practicality.  That is, it’s strength and integrity.  Like the mighty sprout!

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