The Studio on a Sunday

Day 334/365photo 3If you’ve been following my Instagram, or other social media feeds, then you’ll know that one of my favourite processes is to dye paper with indigo.  Well, this sunday was no exception as I spent some time at the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, fondly referred to as CBBAG (pronounced ‘cabbage’), where there was an indigo dyeing session.  photo 5_fotor

It was a small group of creative women, all of us eager to stretch our creative muscles.  People dyed paper, fabric, string, yarn, thread and even buttons!!  (I contemplated dyeing a bit of my hair, but chickened out in the end).  As these things usually go, what felt like an hour was actually 4 and the day came to an end before we knew it.
photo 1 Some of the results were really gorgeous – I can’t wait to see the projects these gems become!

To read more about my adventures in dyeing paper, go here.
To see some of the things I’ve made previously with hand dyed indigo paper, go here.


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