Hand Dyed Paper

Day 3/365

DSC_0716 - Version 2For a few weeks now I’ve been playing around with paper dying using indigo.  But before I started using real indigo I did many tests with watercolour paints (indigo-colour, of course) and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you.


I cannot stop thinking of blue and white ceramics when I look at this one, the pattern is lovely!

DSC_0745The resulting papers are lovely but they just aren’t the same depth and richness of colour as true indigo-dyed papers.  I’ll go over some of the things I made with the true indigo dyed papers in a few days.  And at some point in the future I’ll do a post about the actual hand-dying process and how messy/fun it really is!!


9 thoughts on “Hand Dyed Paper

  1. I am interested in purchasing a few sheets of indigo dyed paper for writing mantra on. It would have to be solid with no pattern other than what naturally occurs. Is thi possible? Sincerely, Mark Fasi.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes, I have some sheets with solid colour, no pattern. It’s such a lovely shade, I couldn’t resist making a few just to showcase the indigo colour itself!

      I’d love to sell you a few sheets, send me an email at: sproutspress@yahoo.ca and we can figure the details.

      Carolyn ~ Sprouts Press

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