Wordless Wednesday 05.08.15

Day 302/365DSC_0745


Gifts for Dad, Collection No. 2

Day 240/365


Still looking for a Father’s Day gift?  I’ve pulled together another great collection of items for dads that are cigar lovers, book collectors, allergy sufferers, poets and artists.  This list is tied together with a palette of greens and browns, inspired by springtime and days spent outside.

Starting from top left, going clockwise:

Tall Handbound Journal*: Part of a series of ‘one of a kind’ journals.  Since the covers are hand-dyed washi paper, no two books are identical.  Features a classy-yet-rugged reclaimed leather and brass button stud closure.

Ex Libris Bookplates, Set of 4*: For the book collector and/or serious reader, label your library with elegance!  Hand carved and printed, this set of 4 Ex Libris Bookplates comes in leaf green and has ample space to write your name and even a date, if desired.  Printed on self-adhesive paper.

Brown and White Organic Stripes Journal*: This book is part of the same series as the first in this collection.  It is a tall book with a substantial number of pages, 110 pages (220, front and back) to be exact, making it perfect for the daily entries of keen journallers.

Hay Fever Hankies*: Hand printed and hand sewn, these cute hankies depict some of the plants that cause hay fever.  Cheeky, I know.  A wonderful addition to your pockets or handbag, forget tissues and use a soft, 100% cotton, hand printed & sewn hanky instead!

Cigar Box Journal*: This series of handsome hardcover journals gives new life to old cigar boxes!  Various brands available, check the online shop to see if the perfect one is in stock.

Florentine Hardcover Journal: The beauty of this book lies in the details. A small wrap around closure, from reclaimed leather, fastens shut with an understated and simple yet classy antiqued brass button stud.  The covers depict a brown and green foliage motif, perfect for gardeners!

Grass Green Watercolour Sketchbook*: This is a lovely, hardcover landscape-oriented watercolour sketchbook, housing only 140lb watercolour paper.  Handmade bookcloth adorns the covers in grass green and a classy ribbon bookmark, in pale green, keeps your place.

*Can also be found in real life at brick and mortar shops around Ontario!  Go here to find a retailer near you.  I recommend calling ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


Day 191/365photo 3 - Version 2

It’s allergy season here in Toronto, and who knows where else!  Time to ditch the tissues and get some reusable, eco-friendly, handmade Hay Fever Hankies!!  For a bit of wit, I’ve printed each hand sewn hanky with an image of a plant that causes allergies.  You can choose from: Ragweed, Timothy/Hay or Crowsfoot!

Hayfever Hankies are on sale in my Etsy shop, here.  Or in person at Freedom Clothing Collective on Bloor St West here in Toronto.

Pop Up!

Day 157/365
Pop Up shop time!!

I’ll be at Freedom Clothing Collective, on Bloor, all day with my wares. Find me in the front nook, just inside the door.

I’ve got a good selection of items, handbound journals, book jewellery and some of my fabric printed items. (Like Hay Fever Hankies!)

The Pop Up Shop runs through till Sunday. The weather looks gorgeous, if you’re out for a walk stop in and check it out!

Pop Up – Coming Soon!

Day 150/365

In exactly one week Sprouts Press will have a 3 day pop up shop at Freedom Clothing Collective!


If you haven’t been to this gem of a shop you need to go and check it out.  They carry a gorgeous collection of work by local designers, artists and artisans.  You can find things like: unique jewellery, greeting cards, amazing clothing, body care, and the list goes on.

Where: Freedom Clothing Collective, 939 Bloor Street West, Toronto
When: Friday March 13 – Sunday March 15, 2015

I will be there in person on friday March 13, so stop by to chat books and say Hello.  Otherwise the lovely ladies of Freedom Clothing Collective will be there, check it out if you’re in the area!

Romeo & Juliet

Day 104/365DSC_0805You may remember a couple of sundays ago I posted about making a new series of the ever-popular Starburst Book ornaments; Star Cross’d Lovers Book ornaments.  Well, here they are finished!

DSC_0808 I focused on 4 cover designs, each a bit different.  There is a simple gold pattern (above), a sweet floral (top photo), a more traditional tile-inspired pattern (pictured below) and an organic flora-based pattern (bottom photo).  DSC_0811 This pattern is my favourite, I love the repetition and bold white on red.  It reminds me of fancy kitchen tiles and tea time spent with loved ones.DSC_0821I love the versatility of these little ornaments; they can be displayed closed to show off the fancy paper cover, or you can burst it open to a star to hang.  Since they come as a set of two, you can do one of each.  Or you can give one to your Valentine and see which way they prefer to display it.

See my etsy shop for details.

The Studio on a Sunday

Day 103/365


It’s technically wintertime here in Toronto, though you might not be able to tell today since it’s raining.  So it seems appropriate that I’m drinking many cups of tea (milk oolong today) and putting together more Wintertime Bookbinding Kits.


Look at the selection of fancy papers – the deep indigo floral chiyogami makes me swoon!


This winter-themed bookbinding kit is packed to the gills with goodies.  A selection of fancy papers, heavy-weight cover papers, page papers, linen thread, simple tools and embellishments (not pictured)!  Once you’ve completed the two books in the kit (and the super cute mini book!) you can start adding your own materials and keep going!

Pictured above I’ve added in a few things from my own collection to inspire you: two spools of linen thread (you could use cotton thread, but linen thread is stronger and more durable), tiny scissors, beeswax and my trusty wooden awl!  What other crafty supplies would you use?

Wintertime Bookbinding Kits are available in my Etsy shop, at Freedom Clothing Collective and now also at the Arts Market on College.

Shop Local!

Day 102/365

I’m pleased to announce that you can now find a selection of Sprouts Press’ Valentines and Winter-themed items right here in Toronto at Freedom Clothing Collective!

DSC_0811_fotor Pictured above are ‘Star Cross’d Lovers’ Starburst Book Ornaments.  You can also find a variety of Bookbinding Kits (including the popular Wintertime Kit), and a selection of Quick Notes handpainted journals in lovey-dovey hues.