Use Your Journal!

Day 280/365

I spent last Sunday in Unionville, Ontario at a beautiful little show with some fantastic people.  And, as often happens, some people were drawn to my pieces but hesitant to purchase because they feared they would never use the journal.  Part of my motto is that my books ‘are designed to be used, well worn and well loved’.  Needless to say, while I appreciate a healthy collection of journals (read: more than *a few*), it’s even nicer to actually use them as it adds value and enriches your experience with the book.

In an effort to help people out who have difficulty starting that coveted journal, I started writing a series of blog posts titled; Use Your Journal!  Today I’ve rounded them up and conveniently listed them here for you, all in one place.DSC_0100

This list starts with posts about using your journal, prior to me titling them ‘Use Your Journal!’.  I recommend starting at the top of the list and working your way down.  They progress from ideal environments to journal, to the different purposes for different books, to prompts and examples of uses for journals and sketchbooks.  If you have a request, just ask!

Plein Air  Day 7/365

Inspiring Things (these days)  Day 88/365

Use Your Journal No. 1  Day 94/365

Use Your Journal No. 2  Day 129/365

Use Your Journal No. 3  Day 140/365

Use Your Journal No. 4  Day 147/365

Use Your Journal No. 5  Day 170/365

Use Your Journal No. 6  Day 206/365


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