The Studio on a Sunday

Day 103/365


It’s technically wintertime here in Toronto, though you might not be able to tell today since it’s raining.  So it seems appropriate that I’m drinking many cups of tea (milk oolong today) and putting together more Wintertime Bookbinding Kits.


Look at the selection of fancy papers – the deep indigo floral chiyogami makes me swoon!


This winter-themed bookbinding kit is packed to the gills with goodies.  A selection of fancy papers, heavy-weight cover papers, page papers, linen thread, simple tools and embellishments (not pictured)!  Once you’ve completed the two books in the kit (and the super cute mini book!) you can start adding your own materials and keep going!

Pictured above I’ve added in a few things from my own collection to inspire you: two spools of linen thread (you could use cotton thread, but linen thread is stronger and more durable), tiny scissors, beeswax and my trusty wooden awl!  What other crafty supplies would you use?

Wintertime Bookbinding Kits are available in my Etsy shop, at Freedom Clothing Collective and now also at the Arts Market on College.


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