The Studio on a Sunday (On a Monday)

photo 5-5On Sunday I was in a different studio, out of the city, teaching my craft to a lovely group of folks!  This is the Guelph School of Art, and it is one fun place to teach!  To the left is a wall (yes, a wall) of art supplies for every type of art imaginable!  To the right you can just make out the drying rack for printmaking and other 2D art that might need to lay flat to dry. And those windows!  Letting in all that natural light!!photo 1-70_fotor

This was a coptic binding workshop and everyone left with a finished project.  Covers they designed and collaged, then bound into a nice little hardcover book using the coptic stitch.  As I tell everyone who takes my classes: if you want to retain what you’ve learned, make another book within 1 week.  Practice makes perfect!!

I have more workshops coming up, the next one is this sunday here in Toronto at Graven Feather.  Take a look at the Workshops section of my site for details, more are in the works and will be announced shortly!


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