Sprouts Press ranked in Top 25 Bookbinding Blogs!

It’s official, my little bookbinding blog has been ranked in the Top 25 Bookbinding Blogs by Feedspot!!  I’m humbled and honoured to be among some remarkable bookbinding blogs in this list.  I’ve included the full list at the end.

It’s interesting to note that I feel myself reflecting on where my blog is today, compared to where it started.  I’ll be honest, I miss posts like my ‘Use Your Journal‘ series, and my more introspective and sometimes inspirational posts.  Maybe it’s time to get back to my roots and hunker down to write a bit more from the heart.

What do you want to hear about in a bookbinding blog?  Leave a comment below.

In the meantime, I’m sharing the love.  Here are the other top 25 Bookbinding Blogs as ranked by Feedspot:

  1. iBookBinding – Bookbinding Tutorials & Resources
  2. My Handbound Books – Bookbinding Blog
  3. Paperiaarre | Handmade Books and Other Treasures
  4. Jeff Peachey
  5. Ruth Bleakley’s Studio – Handmade Books, Journals and Stationery
  6. Reddit | Bookbinding: the art and science of elegant hardcopy
  7. The Rag & Bone Bindery Blog – Playing With Books
  8. Blue Roof Designs blog | Adventures in Bookbinding
  9. Reddit | Bookbinding Resource
  10. Student Bookbinding
  11. Herringbone Bindery | Flash of the Hand
  12. han-made bookbinding
  13. The American Bookbinders Museum Blog
  14. London Bookbinding
  15. Welcome to Book Island | Bookbinding in the modern age and beyond
  16. Jack & Taff Fitterer Blog | Hand Bookbinding & Restoration
  17. The Binder’s Ticket – Vernon Wiering’s Bindery Miscellany
  18. Sprouts Press | Hand Bound Books, Crafts & Paper Arts
  19. Conti Borbone bookbinder
  20. V FOR BOOKS – a bookbinding blog
  21. American Bound
  22. Bookbinder’s Chronicle
  23. Bookbinding Now

Have fun checking these out – and remember to get up and stretch every 30 minutes!!!



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