See you at the Blossom and Bloom Show!

Day 305/365

Today’s the day!  I’ll be in Unionville from 11am – 4pm for the Blossom and Bloom show!  Stop by and say hi, check out the show and then check out Unionville!!Blossom and Bloom - AugustFor more information about the show, go here.

This Saturday!

Day 301/365

Mark your calendars!!  I’ll be at the Blossom and Bloom show this saturday alongside many other talented makers and craftspeople!
Blossom and Bloom - August

If you’re wondering what this show is all about, here’s a snippet of the concept behind this show. ‘A public outdoor market showcasing Canadian creative businesses, local florists, artists and artisans in a single event’. To learn more about their vision and what else to do when in Unionville for the show, go here (it’s a gorgeous little town, seriously worth checking out!)

When: Saturday August 8, 11am – 4pm
Where: Varley Art Gallery (in the courtyard), 216 Main Street, Unionville

For more general information about the show, go here.

Next Show!

Day 298/365Blossom and Bloom - AugustI’m so inspired by the warm weather and sunny days that I find myself really looking forward to Sprouts Press’ next event: the Blossom and Bloom show!  I’ll be there saturday August 8th with a selection of my handbound books, kits and such.

I love how this event showcases handmade but also the local talent of Unionville.  Just spend a few minutes chatting with show organizer, Pheoebe (of Pheoebe Lo Events), and she can tell you about the best of the best in this amazing community!

For details, please see the show website found here.

Blossom & Bloom Show

Day 270/365Blossom and Bloom- July

I am so looking forward to being a part of this amazing show!  There’s going to be some serious talent there, from artisanal cotton candy (oh man!!), to gorgeous art, ceramics, jewellery, floral designers and home decor.

I’ll be there on Sunday, July 12 with my handbound books, journals, notebooks and paper goodies!  If you’re in the area or looking for a road trip out of the city, stop by and say Hi!!

It’s less than 2 weeks and I cannot wait!!  For more information about the show, go here.