See you at the Blossom and Bloom Show!

Day 305/365

Today’s the day!  I’ll be in Unionville from 11am – 4pm for the Blossom and Bloom show!  Stop by and say hi, check out the show and then check out Unionville!!Blossom and Bloom - AugustFor more information about the show, go here.

This Saturday!

Day 301/365

Mark your calendars!!  I’ll be at the Blossom and Bloom show this saturday alongside many other talented makers and craftspeople!
Blossom and Bloom - August

If you’re wondering what this show is all about, here’s a snippet of the concept behind this show. ‘A public outdoor market showcasing Canadian creative businesses, local florists, artists and artisans in a single event’. To learn more about their vision and what else to do when in Unionville for the show, go here (it’s a gorgeous little town, seriously worth checking out!)

When: Saturday August 8, 11am – 4pm
Where: Varley Art Gallery (in the courtyard), 216 Main Street, Unionville

For more general information about the show, go here.

Extra! Extra!

Day 186/365Blossom and Bloom PosterYesterday I spent some time prepping a box full of lovely little notebooks for swag bags for the Blossom and Bloom show!  It’ll be happening select weekends throughout the summer in a picturesque courtyard of the Varley Art Gallery, in Unionville.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll also be a vendor at this market-style show 2 days: Sunday July 12 and Saturday August 8.  Come out if you can, it looks like there will be a great variety of artisans, floral designers and artists in attendance!  Should be fantastic!!