Indigo, Florentine and Fabric!

Day 135/365DSC_0763After posting my latest instalment of Use Your Journal, I realized that there were only two Starburst Journals in my Etsy shop.  I’m happy to say that I’ve taken some time to put these ones together and list them online.
DSC_0731 These are quite possibly my favourite books to bind.  I love the possibilities for covers and the stitching patterns created on the spine.  Even better?  It lays flat when open!
DSC_0775This book is the first of two that are full fabric covers.  And it’s my own handmade bookcloth!  I’m proud of these journals, the full fabric makes them very tactile.  Perfect for a cozy afternoon of sketching/journalling/album making with a cup of tea by a toasty fire.


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