Calligraphy Class

Day 125/365

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a calligraphy class at The Paper Place on Queen St. West here in Toronto.  photo 1 It was an Intro to Calligraphy class, so we started with pencil and worked through to a straight nib holder and finally onto the oblique holder.  Back in January I posted about practicing my calligraphy with a fountain pen.  That was a more traditional hand, the Chancery Italic hand.  photo 5 This workshop focused more on contemporary calligraphy and the finding our own hand.  We learned the basics on how to properly use the tools and achieve the bold/thin lines.  Instructor Lisa of Post Calligraphy was encouraging and inspirational, and so full of talent! photo 4It was a great collection of ladies; all creative in our own ways and eager to learn and cheer each other on.  Big Thanks to Ashley of for organizing, to check out her blog post about the class, go here.


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