Red & Pink

Day 126/365DSC_0705_fotor

Today I’ve rounded up my favourite valentine-sy items to share with you!  The theme is red and pink, which is making me feel like cupcakes and sugar cookies.  From journals to ex libris book plates and ornaments, there’re lots of ways to share the bookish love!

From the top left: Watercolour Sketchbook; perfect for the artist, Quick Notes; handpainted in pink and gold these are perfect when a bit of sparkle is what you need, Hand Printed Ex Libris Bookplates in coral; label your books!  Large Fancy Coptic Journal in Marsala; a large-format book for sketching or writing, Romeo and Juliet Book Ornaments; insides are reclaimed pages from Shakespeare’s classic, and lastly, a different design of Ex Libris Bookplates in bright red, hand printed of course!



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