Valentines Day Blog Giveaway!

Day 109/365

As a Thank You for all the love you’ve shown me over the last several months, I’ve decided to give back and return the favour!  I’m holding my first ever Sprouts Press blog giveaway!!

DSC_0720_fotorTo participate all you have to do is:

1. Follow Sprouts Press blog here on WordPress.
2. Leave a comment below about why you love to journal/sketch/doodle/brainstorm; what is it that draws you to pen and paper?

Contest runs January 24 – 31, 2015.  One winner will be drawn randomly from comments below (you must also follow Sprouts Press blog here on wordpress) and announced on February 1, 2015!

The Loot:
-Postcard Pad, a set of 7 original, hand decorated postcards to tear out and mail.
-Hand printed Ex Libris Bookplates, a set of 4 in Coral.  Label your books!
-Mini Faux Leather Button Book in deep burgundy.
-Hand sewn floral and corduroy book bag, to carry all your loot!

Good luck!


29 thoughts on “Valentines Day Blog Giveaway!

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  3. Pen and paper is thoughtful and eternal. When I write on paper, there is a sense of some permanence even if what I’m writing is just a shopping list. It’s tangible, it’s real, and I don’t forget that I’ve written something. What I write on the computer always feels different, faster. Funny, I just realized now, that while I’ve lost both journals and digital files, it was always the journals’ loss that hit me hardest.

    • I totally understand this, and it’s true for me as well. Losing a journal is much worse than losing digital files. I think it’s something about the tangible memories, effort and soul you put into writing with pen and paper.

      Thanks for your entry and good luck!!

  4. I need the postcard for postcrossong and thr notebook for ALL I can do with: mind maping, scketching and moore and moore ! Meeee, heeerrreed !

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  6. I need to make lists to keep track of what I’m doing or I’ll be lost. Short bursts of journaling are also mandatory for me.

  7. Hi Carolyn
    This is simply wonderful. Your products are so exquisite I am almost reluctant to “muss them up” with my musings, but that is what they are intended for so I will be happy to honour them with my thoughts and doodles in the event that I am the lucky winner.
    …From the moment in first grade when I wrote a story in pencil on lined paper about a pencil that jumps out of the cup to go off on a writing adventure I have felt the magnetic draw of lead or ink to paper. I am almost always on my laptop or other devices for work and creative activities, but as is encouraged in the writing workshop I attend and in the tradition of ‘free writing” as suggested by Nathalie Goldberg, there is magic in connecting the thoughts to the paper by hand. So when I need to escape the distractions and interruptions of the Internet or just sit and contemplate with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.. in a cafe, or on a park bench, on the beach, or under a tree…that is where I need my lovely journals to take me away, to dream, to sketch, to spill my words into the welcoming pages.
    ..I will share your contest on my social media.
    Thanks, Glenda

    • Hi Glenda, I completely agree with the importance of connecting the thoughts to the paper by hand – wise words! So happy to hear you take journals on your adventures! Thanks for your entry and good luck!!

  8. I love all of your stuff! Thank you for this opportunity for such a great prize pack!

    Being a papercrafter, it’s a little difficult to describe why I love paper so much. I think it’s a little ingrained in me. It’s so great to be able to make things out of beautiful paper and for the new items to be something that people enjoy. Also, I’m not sure what it is about me but I find it so much easier to write things out by hand than on a computer. I always write things out first and type them up later. That’s how the ideas flow. Writing things out lets the next thought come through. Whenever I’m stuck for ideas with my crafting, I just sketch things out or doodle and the ideas start to come again!

    I can’t wait to see what else you come up with and I can’t wait to start on my own bookbinding from the kit I bought from you!

    • Yes, I totally understand a love for paper that is all-encompassing and undeniable! Looking forward to seeing what you craft with the bookbinding kit! (you’re going to share after pix, right! 😉 Thanks for your entry and good luck!!

  9. You got me hooked to you since OOAKS!! And this giveaway is beyond gracious. I am not gonna let this pass 🙂

    I love how pen and paper combined makes ideas tangible. For me it’s the very first step in making your thoughts and ideas real. They say the first step is the hardest step to take in anything. There is magic AND power in using pen and paper. The possibilities are endless! Personally for me, I’ve always wanted to do calligraphy! It has always been an idea playing in my head. But it just remained there for days, weeks and months. The idea does not make me better! Pen+paper make me better. And it’s not only because of the practice I get from doodling and scribbling. It is because the pen and paper made it possible for me to look back at how I was since that day I took that first step.

    I am so in love with pen and paper. Honestly, it’s my secret weapon to get by with life!!!!! I can do a lot with it!!!! ❤

    • Yes, I know what you mean about writing things down, physically writing them down, that makes them real and tangible. Also, I love the idea of pen and paper as a life secret weapon!! Thanks for your entry and good luck!!

  10. Hi Carolyn, I like your contest it sounds great!! Their are many reasons why I love to sketch/brainstorm on pen and paper. I prefer putting pen to paper as opposed to using a computer, I find the act of writing and drawing by hand helps my ideas and inspirations flow as if the very act of writing the old fashioned way is helping me brainstorm and exercising my brain. That is why I prefer to brainstorm for an artwork or a paper I have to write by hand on paper as opposed to typing on a computer. I also enjoy drawing and brainstorming for artworks with pencil and paper for this very same reason, just like how a craftsman prefers to work with his hands as opposed to working in an office on paperwork all day. I enjoy the freedom of creativity it allows and the textural satisfaction I get from working that way.

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  12. What a great giveaway – thanks so much! I love journalling when I am traveling, recording all the new adventures, sights, tastes, experiences. I also love making cards, writing letters and am making it a goal this year to experiment with writing/calligraphy/penmanship more.

    • I know what you mean about exploring more pen to paper methods! Im also pretty pumped to have a solid goal of ‘more calligraphy’ this year! Thanks for your entry and good luck!!

  13. Yay Sprouts Press! What a great giveaway! This year one of my resolutions was to write more and another was to try to draw something everyday. That’s a tricky one for me because I am resistant to routine. Having one of your incredible handmade books to put my thoughts in would be a special priviledge, and make that daily entry a loving event.:)

  14. I started my first journal when I was 7. I love writing and doodling and drawing because it helps me make sense of how I’m feeling, it helps me remember special moments in my life and I just love doing it.

    I love your work! I volunteered the last two years at the OriginalWorks Market at Idea Exchange, where I first came across your beautiful work.

  15. I’ve always loved to write, my own journal entries, stories, and especially letters. There is just something about a pen and paper that is much more personal than an email or Facebook message. There are those rare moments when you get a great idea or something just comes to you, and I always have a journal and pen on hand to jot things down with. I don’t go anywhere without the book I’m reading and a journal to take notes with, and I almost feel naked without it. Also journals are just so pretty!

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