Journeys In Winter: a series

Day 95/365

Sprouts Press Original Handbound Books This is one of the books from the ‘Journeys in Winter’ series, from a couple years back.  When winter in Toronto was more mud and gravel than snow.  It was a bit disappointing for me as I do love some winter sports, but I didn’t mind the milder temperatures (mostly it hovered around 0 degrees celsius, give or take).

DSC_0461 There were several books in the series, and I have a few left.  They are based on the idea of combining printmaking, painting and bookbinding, which I’ve discussed here.  But I also really like the structure of the book; a matchbox!  il_570xN.372052184_kojmThe binding is a Japanese Hemp Leaf binding, which is great for single sheet pages.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can see from a side view just little snippets of the page papers: maps, graph, lined, blank and colours!  It really is a great little book for a winter journey!
DSC_0459Since I hand paint/print the covers, every book is different.  Even the front and back covers are different on the same book.


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