Back to School Stationery

Day 326/365DSC_0702_fotorIt’s nearly that time of year; back to school!  I have to admit that my favourite part of going back to school was stationery shopping.  I think, once, I was even excited to get a geometry set.  I love how all the components fit into the neat little tin.  I was never very good at geometry, but I did love that set!

Here’s a collection of more book-themed back to school items that I’d be pretty pumped about, if I were going back to school.

Clockwise starting at the top left:

Advanced Quick Notes notebooks, Indigo Journal, Elegant Quick Notes notebooks. Paper Moon Book Earrings in brown Florentine, Mini Book Necklaces in a variety of colours, Screenprinted Zipper Pouch in brown linen with burgundy Queen Anne’s Lace.