Silkscreens and Thistles


You might have noticed that I’m trying to do a blog post on each of my items or series of items, to showcase their story and the process that goes into designing and crafting them.

Today I’m focusing on the Screenprinted Linen Pouches.  There have been a few variations, this being what is currently available, and my favourite!


There are two images on these pouches: Queen Anne’s Lace and Thistles, both plants found in the countryside of southern Ontario.  These are plants that I sketched on-site, on a beautiful sunny summer’s day (it really was that gorgeous of a day!).

Then I transferred my sketches to my silkscreen.  I do this freehand, with a tracing technique, as opposed to photo based screenprinting.  The result is that nothing in this process ever goes through a computer, it’s all analog.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After printing the fabric, linen of course, it’s heat-set and pre-washed.  Then I cut the patterns and sew it into the lovely little pouches pictured!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter the zipper embellishments are added (hemp cord and wood beads) they’re ready for sale.  The idea behind these little gems is to capture a moment and carry it with you, whether it’s a road trip, a special gift to a friend or that amazing sunny summer’s day.  As always with Sprouts Press items: functional and beautiful!

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