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The Studio on a Sunday

Ornaments, ornaments, so many ornaments!!  I’m taking a little break from the more serious bookbinding tasks/holiday show prep and making some fun little Starburst Book Ornaments.

Those who follow along here regularly will recognize these pieces from last year.  They were so popular (I sold out before the holiday shipping deadline!!) that I brought them back this year!

To see them all, go here.

*Fun tip: can you guess what book I chose for the inside pages?  (Hint: There’s more than one, and they’re both classics!)

Wordless Wednesday 04.11.15



The Studio on a Sunday


Today in the studio.  Well, the last several weeks in the studio, really. It’s crunch time and my studio is buzzing with activity as I prep for the One of a Kind Show and Sale.  With less than a month to go (gasp!) I’ve got some of the popular books ready to go, but I’m also working on some new items, which I’ll share in a little bit.  For now, it’s back to the studio!

Wordless Wednesday 28.10.15



The Studio on a Sunday

DSC_0706Today I’m finishing up enough Canadiana Journals to last through the holiday season, that’s the plan anyways!!  Take a look at some of the new colours I’m introducing, great for gift giving to the dapper Canuck on your list.

See one of the listings here, more to come over the next week.

Wordless Wednesday 21.10.15



Wordless Wednesday 14.10.15



Show Posters

Day 91/365

As I look to possible shows for 2015, I found my folder of show posters from 2014.


I thought a collage of some of the best were in order, as a tip to new sellers for great shows/markets to participate in.  But it’s also a shameless display of the poster-making talent found in Toronto!  I especially like the hand-lettered poster for the Toronto Etsy Street Team’s Springtime Marketplace.  (I know, I know, I’m on a hand-lettering and calligraphy kick lately).  I also love the letterpress printed poster for the Wayzgoose in Grimsby!

While I missed the OCAD Book Arts Fair this year, the student-produced, hand-printed poster is usually a showstopper.  Check out the previous years posters below.

Poster from 2012:
306711_10151151933751973_382242539_n Poster from 2013:993437_10151776140248907_305946430_n


Top 10 Good Things for Sprouts Press in 2014

Day 85/365

I will admit that I make New Year’s resolutions, and for the most part I usually carry them out.  Sometimes within the year, but sometimes they get ‘rolled over’ to the next year.  Doesn’t matter, they will happen one way or another, when the time is right.

Today, however, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the great things that have happened with Sprouts Press over the last year and how grateful I feel about it all.  I’m also thankful for the lessons I’ve learned throughout 2014.  Some have been wonderful, some have been near misses, and some have been painfully head-on total mess-ups.  It happens.  I’ve learned and moved on.

Anyways, here’s a brief but enjoyable list of the good things for Sprouts Press in 2014:

10. This 365 blog project.  Yup, this little project has taught me the value of time management.  Planning/scheduling and has made me value all the hours in the day.

9. Joining the Arts Market as a vendor, effectively giving me a not-so-scary glimpse into having a retail space for creative wares.

8. Being featured as a bookbinder in a publication about bookbinding!!  You may remember this post about my humble little page in the book: “The Little Book of Book Making” by Charlotte Rivers.

7. Having the opportunity to teach bookbinding right here in Toronto.  I’m ever so grateful to the lovely ladies over at Graven Feather who host my bookmaking workshops with grace and enthusiasm.  It’s a beautiful and welcoming space that you must check out if you’re in Toronto’s west end.

6. Seeing my creations available at various brick and mortar shops in Toronto, but also farther away, (like in the Strand Bookstore in NYC!!  Woot!!).  I’m looking forward to growing this area of my business next year, any suggestions are most welcome!

5. Being a part of the One of a Kind Christmas Show here in Toronto is an experience I’ve enjoyed, and I learned so much.  The sheer size of the show was a challenge in so many ways; prepping inventory, designing and building a booth, organizing volunteers for breaks, and the list goes on.  What I’m trying to say is that it was a great exercise and the lessons I learned are invaluable.

4. I wrote a business plan!  If you follow me on social media you may remember my many posts and statuses about ‘phase 1’ and ‘Passed, now onto phase 4!!’, and various similar statements.  And you may have been one of the people who participated in my market research survey (thank you so much for taking the time, it’s much appreciated!)  Well, this had to do with the business program I am in.  End result: I am a proud business owner with a 56 page business plan!!

3. The ability to sell my creations online, through Etsy and the One of a Kind Online shop.  I know, this is a strange thing to say but just imagine the days before this was an option.  I cannot.  And, not that there’s much to compare with, but 2014 was my best year for sales on Etsy!  Woot!!

2. This year, I’m grateful for all the amazing connections I’ve made with other small business owners and makers/artists/artisans.  This leads into feeling like part of a real community both online and offline.  Some people may not realize how important this is for artists, but it can often be a very solitary life.  Finding people that I trust to accept advice from and share my experiences with is pretty fantastic.

1. And the number 1 good thing from 2014 is being able to take on Sprouts Press full time!!!  Yaaaaaay!!  This is a dream come true for me, it’s my passion and I cannot imagine not doing this!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way in whatever ways you’ve been able!  You know who you are, you awesome, amazing and generous people!!!

Bring on 2015!