Day 315/365DSC_0714A few Studio Sundays ago I shared some ‘in progress’ photos of a custom wedding guest book I made.  I thought it would be fun to follow up and share some photos of the completed piece.  I’m really pleased with the finished product and so were they!DSC_0705_fotorI especially like the deep purple along the spine, which plays many important roles in this binding.  First, it looks good (if I do say so myself!) and picks up the floral pattern on the covers, it really showcases the stitching along the spine and adds a bit of durability to the binding.  However, those familiar with the coptic binding, also know that it’s an exposed spine binding.  This means that there’s a small gap between the signatures when the book is open.  This is just the nature of the binding.  But by adding the purple along the spine, it seals the gaps and allows the possibility of tucking paper ephemera and other mementos between the pages!

I love unique projects and welcome custom orders, however holiday season is just around the corner and a busy time!  If you have an idea for a special gift, get in touch soon so I’ll have time to make your book and avoid disappointment.  To start, just answer a few questions here, then I’ll get in touch with a quote and we can work from there.  Easy peasy!



Studio Sunday (on a Friday)

Day 304/365

The latest project: a custom guest book/travel book for a destination wedding!  DSC_07130_fotor

This is an exciting combination of scrapbooking, memory-making, journalling and special messages to the happy couple!  Imagine what an incredible collection of memories it’ll be to share with family and friends for years to come.

I’m always so honoured to work on projects like these.  Especially when given a bit of creative freedom and people put their trust in me to create a book that not only captures the memories of the special day, but also the atmosphere and vibe of the event.

If you have an idea for a special book, click Custom Order along the top menu bar and send me some information about your project!  I’ll get back to you with a few more questions and then follow up details – easy peasy!!

The Studio on a Sunday

Day 271/365

I’ve been working on a lot of custom orders the last little while, and last week I had the pleasure of crafting a gorgeous leather memory/keepsake book for a client.  DSC_0705_fotor

This is one of the largest books I’ve ever made.  The photos might be a bit deceiving, but trust me, it’s a big book!  It’s a limp binding made with a gorgeous brown leather.  Inside is heavy weight printmaking paper and the endpapers are a fancy Italian printed paper, of course.

If you have a special occasion coming up or just like the idea of having a quality heirloom keepsake book, just click ‘Custom Order’ on the top menu bar and answer a few questions to get started.  It’s easy!  I enjoy working on special projects and love a good challenge, so don’t be shy!

If you have a custom request, just click here.

The Studio on a Sunday

Day 215/365DSC_0707

Today I’m working on a custom order for a soon-to-be bride and groom!  It’s going to be a guest book, made to order in the colour palette of their wedding.

I often take custom orders for event guest books, photo albums and journals for special occasions.  Sometimes travellers just want a customized trip diary, complete with a map insert of their destination.

To start a conversation about a custom order you have in mind, just click Custom Order along the top menu bar of my website, fill in the blanks and that’s it!