Sprouts Press + Brika

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I’m so happy to announce that you can now find Sprouts Press products on Brika.com!!  Woot!!  I’ve been impressed with this site and it’s well-curated collection of handmade items for a while now.  So naturally, I’m over the moon to be the featured maker this week!!

Part of this feature is an interview, a great Q & A to give you a bit more insight into what I do and why.  Here’s a snippet:

“Carolyn Eady’s first job was at the public library, back when she was starting high school. She loved reading and writing before, but this constant exposure to books and the world of publications was new to her. She was blown away by the diversity of what a book could be, and loved every minute of it”.

To read the full story go here.


Press for Sprouts Press

photo-16Looks like my Mini Book Magnet sets went on an adventure over to the BookGlow website!    They’ve been included in a list of great little book magnets!! Check out the list here.

These are the same folks who featured our Starburst Book Ornaments last Christmas.  Needless to say, we’re enjoying the attention and are grateful!

An Artists Book

Day 198/365

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about my feature in Uppercase magazine.  Today I’m going to talk about the piece that made it happen, an artist’s book titled “O2”.DSC_0707

O2 is an artist’s book about oxygen. While it is not in-depth, scientifically, it is colourful, enjoyable and beautiful.DSC_0724This project started as a drawing study of the beautiful cell formations of oxygen-producing organisms and their structures. This triggered a curiosity about their function and history, which in turn led to the creation of this artists’ book from accumulated images and information.

This piece is also a labour of love, created entirely by hand.  All the paper is my own handmade paper, made exclusively for this project.  All images are my own, which I transferred and hand relief-printed.  I also wrote all the text, based on my research, which I then screenprinted.  And finally, I hand bound each book, completing this project and turning the prints into an art object, an artist’s book.

Hand printed in a limited edition of 9 books, there are only a couple of copies left.  To read more, see them in my Etsy shop here.


Day 196/365

Exciting news!!


A couple of days ago the latest issue of Uppercase magazine arrived in the mail.  It’s the printmaking issue and I’ve been waiting for it for a while now.  photo 2Wondering why?  Take a look at that photo above!!  That’s page 85 folks, 85!!  Woot woot! I’m honoured to be featured in this magazine, and a little over the top excited about it!  (okay, maybe totally over the top excited about it!)

Anyone who’s read Uppercase knows what I mean, it’s a really fantastic magazine.  And if you haven’t read it (or even just held a copy in your hands) you really should!  I’ve been inspired by past issues on numerous occasions.  I keep all my old issues and refer to them regularly for advice, prompts and to look up featured artists whose work I love.  I mean, the slogan is: For the creative and curious.  Perfection.  It’s an informative, insightful, inspiring and beautiful publication, go check it out!