This is a Studio on a Sunday (on a Monday) post, with a theme: Leap! (because it’s February 29, get it??)

If you’ve followed along here for a while, you’ll know that our Spring 2016 workshop programming is moving along, with some new classes being offered in addition to the favourites.  This weekend was no exception, as the Arrow Stitch Workshop took place at Graven Feather on Sunday.

Getting to the theme of this post, Leap, I wanted to take a moment to say a big Thank You to everyone who comes out to my workshops.  There are quite a few people new to bookbinding that come out to try their hand at this craft.

While it’s fun and exciting, I realize that it can also be a bit daunting at first.  I’m always so proud when, at the end of class, everybody takes a step back and admires the handiwork and craftsmanship they might not have known they were capable of.  To me, this is taking a leap; to trust yourself and your abilities.  Maybe it isn’t bookbinding for everyone, maybe something else, but taking a leap and learning about yourself (ourselves) is always rewarding and so worth it!  Thank you!

To learn more about Sprouts Press workshops, go here.


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