To Wear Books

Day 289/365

To wear books as jewellery give me great joy, who’s with me?!  Today I’m talking about the book jewellery I make, some of it’s functional and some of it’s purely aesthetic.  Either way, they’re all pretty awesome!il_570xN01_fotor

Paper Moon Book Earrings As most makers know, when you create things by hand, you usually end up with off-cuts and bits and pieces that are in perfect condition, but just a bit too small for your main projects.  That’s how these earrings started.  I love making them because it means using up the whole sheet of fancy-pants paper, and crafting items that bring joy to others.

They’re perfect for sunny summer days!  Perhaps reading at a cafe, lounging at the beach or spending the day hunting for the perfect collection of used books.  I love that the front is decorative, fancy paper, and the backs are from novels, with a peek-a-boo hole for a pop of colour.


Mini Book Necklace As a kid I was really into pendant necklaces that were functional; little harmonicas, little pouches, tiny sundials, and I’m pretty sure I had at least one book necklace (cotton candy pink!!).  So designing a Sprouts Press mini book necklace was an obvious decision.

While these gorgeous leather necklaces aren’t the bright pink versions from my childhood, they are not only beautiful, but functional too!  They open, you can write in them, and keep your ideas and dreams close to your heart.  They even showcase fancy endpapers in the front and back.  Made from reclaimed leather left over from larger leather projects, the colours usually change seasonally, so keep your eyes peeled and when you see one you like – grab it!

Did you know that I have a whole section of my etsy shop dedicated to Book Jewellery?  Check it out here.


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