Painted Notebooks

Day 286/365

Today I’m reflecting on one of my favourite projects to date; the painted journeys journal!P5231007_fotorThese journals are a combination of painting, printmaking and bookbinding.  I’ve written about the joys of creating in multiples and mixing mediums before on this post, but I haven’t talked about all three series together.

It all started with the set of pink journals in the bottom left corner, these were my first foray into this series.  It was a lovely afternoon of painting, printing and then bookbinding.  After they all found new homes (excepting the one I saved for myself as a photo prop) I wanted more!  Then the blue series happened!  This time, I made a different shape and size, and used the off cuts to make cute little mini books, which is all I have left of this series.  Lastly, the most recent are the Journeys Journals in brown.  Inspired by a not-so-Canadian winter that left my snow boots more muddy than icy.  I plan to write a more detailed account of these books, so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, you can take a look at the Journeys Journal in the Artist’s Books section of my Etsy shop, there are a couple left.

I’ve enjoyed working on these books as they develop in slightly different directions with each series.  I switched up the binding for the blue series, but went back to the Japanese Stab Binding for the Journeys Journals.  I really appreciate the construction of the matchbook cover and the geometric shapes created by the stitching.


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