Red, Grey and Green

Day 133/365DSC_0729There’s a new style of journal in my Etsy shop!  Please welcome the Medium Journal with Ribbon!  This is my first venture into the world of handmade bookcloth.  I have to say, it is liberating.  To be able to use any fabric I want (minus stretchy and see-through materials; there were some trials and errors!) and turn it into bookcloth opens so many doors.DSC_0745 Of course, I went right for the cotton linen and linen-like fabrics right off the bat, they are so gorgeous!

The journals themselves are hardcover case-bound, housing a selection of blank paper and brown kraft paper.  And, as a bit of fun, each book has a half page map, making it appropriate for travel as well.  (Makes a one of a kind keepsake after it’s filled with memories from a trip!)DSC_0720 Some of the journals have brass corners, mainly just the red journals, which also use outdoor fabric as the bookcloth.  Yes, these are the toughest journals in the series!!

The size is not too big, but not too small; perfect for stashing in a day bag or backpack.  All of these designs have ribbon bookmarks, essential to keep your place so you can find it quickly when inspiration strikes on the go!

Available in Ruby Red, Grass Green and Warm Grey.


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