Inside the Journal Adventure Kit

Day 98/365

Today I’m taking you on an insiders tour of the Journal Adventure Kit!P9121643_fotor

If you’re like me, you love packages of paper products that have an air of mystery to them.  For instance, the Journal Adventure Kit.  It is sealed and thick with paper and ephemera surprises.  So, today I’m going to open one up, at random, and show you what’s inside.  However, please note that they are all a unique combination of papers, colour palettes and other tidbits.

First off: handmade tags.  Some with reclaimed vintage dictionary pages and fancy papers.  Other tags are stamped, punched, washi-taped or feature hand drawing or mark-making.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Inside there’s also a handbound notebook with label, origami creature, and a stack of papers: vintage, maps, Florentine, fancy printed, ephemera papers, etc.  This is a nice thick stack of papers for you to play with and really decorate your notebook, inside and out.

Hint: it’s also fun to wrap a strip of paper from the inside of the front cover to the outside and paste it down.

Lastly, and possibly my most favourite, is the cutie pie mini envelope!  Yes, it is cute on the outside, but on the inside you’ll find a handful of Shakespearean insults!!  Also tucked inside are some super mini letter-writing papers, for secret notes to be pasted in your notebook or given to someone special (or not so special if you include the insults!)

Want your own Journal Adventure Kit?  Click here!


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