In the Round ll

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On thursday I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception of ‘In the Round ll’, a group show at Graven Feather here in Toronto.  If you haven’t heard of this show, there are over 150 artists participating, all producing art on a set of three, 5″ birch disks.

in the round '14Once on the wall, it makes for a stunning display of rows and rows of artwork.  I love how everyone interpreted the use of the circles differently, creating a beautiful diversity of 2D and 3D pieces.

photo 5

While I wasn’t able to participate this year, it’s always fun to attend this annual show and see the beautiful works of fellow artists.  And as usual, the pieces submitted were all spectacular!

The show runs for the month of November, go here for more info.


Circles and Books

It’s been a while since I last created books as art pieces.  So when the lovely folks over at Graven Feather, here in Toronto, called for artists to submit pieces to their upcoming show I jumped on board!

The challenge: create six pieces of art using six 4″ round boards they provided.

My self-imposed challenge: make these pieces of art into artists books!

So began my journey.  Since the show is all about circles, things round and things going around, I decided to deconstruct the boards provided and make books that reconstructed the circle form.    Here’s what I ended up with, my six little Reconstructed Circle Books:


This is a many-signature coptic binding, with reclaimed French-English dictionary pages. It reconstructs a circle when the pages are open, as shown above. Title: ‘Translations’.


I also incorporated vintage maps and found papers, all things that have been somewhere and are going to go somewhere.  Above are two books, when open they reconstruct parts of a map, similar to a globe.


In the above two books, vintage maps on kraft paper open like rounded french doors.


Lastly, my favourite, the concertina book.  Inside it’s pages are envelopes, pages and other goodies that I imagine travellers using when going around the world.

Over 100 artists contributed six rounds of art.  The result is a stunning gallery of circles in a grid-like pattern on all walls.

If you’re interested in seeing the pieces in person, the show is up until November 30, 2013 at Graven Feather, 906 Queen St. West, Toronto. 
For more info and open hours, please visit their website:

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