Studio Sunday (recapped on a tuesday)

It was a fun, creative weekend over here at Sprouts Press!  After teaching a workshop at CBBAG (Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild) on Saturday, I also spent Sunday there with a lovely group of ladies dyeing various things (really, anything we could find) that most gorgeous shade of blue: indigo.IMG_4267

A sneak peek at the finished stack of hand dyed papers, each a bit different, all unique.

To see a fun little video inside this pile of papers, head over to my Instagram account and find the Indigo post!!  It’s fun, I promise!!

Nearly all of these papers will wind up as journal covers over the coming months – keep your eyes peeled on the Sprouts Press Etsy shop.  Or you can visit me in person at one of the three shows I’ll be vending at this fall.

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Studio Sunday (on a Monday): Mobile Ink Factory

Today I’m going to talk about yesterday in the studio.  Actually, I’m going to talk about yesterday outside of the studio, creating in a different space, in a different way.

This past weekend was doors open here in Toronto, it’s an opportunity to get a glimpse into buildings (or spaces/ideas) not normally open to the public.  I had the chance to participate in just one tour.  Opting for an ‘open air’ tour rather than a ‘doors open’ tour, I checked out the Mobile Ink Factory that was setup only for the weekend!

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know my interest in using and testing natural dyes on paper, like my Indigo post.  So when this ink-making tour/event came up, you know that I was pretty eager!!IMG_3737It ran along the west Toronto Railpath, and was led by the folks at The Toronto Ink Company and DeRail.  An informative walk taught us about the natural and man-made materials that can be used in ink-making along the railpath.  That’s right, this wasn’t just an ink-making tour (which in itself is pretty awesome), it was a tour detailing materials found exclusively on the West railpath that can be made into ink!!
IMG_3731After the walk, everyone emptied their bags of collected finds (there are rules to foraging responsibly on the railpath, I’ll list them below).  Then we sorted them, mixing and matching with everyone else’s finds, into possible ink recipes.
IMG_3736 In the end, I made a beautifully deep and intense black ink.  It’s made from the charcoal dust of burned virginia creeper, mixed with water and gum arabic.  Of course, the folks from Japanese Paper Place were there to help guide ink testing on paper.  Because who does paper better than JPP??  This was my kind of day!!

Three rules of thumb for foraging (as per the Mobile Ink Factory handout):

  1. Harvest from the second patch (don’t pick the only instance of something).
  2. Harvest only the top third (don’t pull the whole plant, let it keep growing).
  3. Leave the space better (pick up trash along the way).


Thanks to all the folks who worked so hard to make this happen, we all had a great time!

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Press for Sprouts Press

photo-16Looks like my Mini Book Magnet sets went on an adventure over to the BookGlow website!    They’ve been included in a list of great little book magnets!! Check out the list here.

These are the same folks who featured our Starburst Book Ornaments last Christmas.  Needless to say, we’re enjoying the attention and are grateful!



I’m a makeologist!  It’s with a happy heart that I’m celebrating Sprouts Press acceptance into the Makeology show!

There will be more details closer to the event (like swag bag info for early birds!!) but I’m so thrilled I just had to share it now!!

To visit the show website, go here.

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The Studio on a Sunday


Today in the studio.  Well, the last several weeks in the studio, really. It’s crunch time and my studio is buzzing with activity as I prep for the One of a Kind Show and Sale.  With less than a month to go (gasp!) I’ve got some of the popular books ready to go, but I’m also working on some new items, which I’ll share in a little bit.  For now, it’s back to the studio!