2018 Workshops!

The first workshops of the year are just around the corner!  Registration is open and I’d love to see you in class.  Beginners are welcome as are more seasoned bookbinders.

Painted Longstitch/Linkstitch
Learn how to hand bind a soft cover book using the Longstitch Linkstitch technique!  First, students will learn basic paper decorating techniques using acrylic paint and a variety of implements.  Then students will incorporate these papers and bind it all into a book using Longstitch/Linkstitch.

When: Saturday February 3, 2018. 10am – 5pm
Where: Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, 180 Shaw Street, Toronto

For more information & to register, please go here.

Wordless Wednesday 13.09.17


Making Artist’s Books: Join me!

Even though it’s not till the end of the month, I’m really looking forward to this new bookbinding class I’ll be teaching at CBBAG; ‘End to End Artist’s Books’!

It’s a collaborative-style class, where we all work together to create a gorgeous intermingling cover. Then I’ll teach everyone a few bookbinding techniques using these covers.  Everyone leaves with a finished project, and all skill levels are welcome!

What: ‘End to End Artist’s Book’, a bookbinding workshop
When: Saturday September 3 – Sunday October 1: 10am – 5pm both days
Where: Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, 180 Shaw St., Unit 102, Toronto

For more information & to register, please go here.

*Brand New Bookbinding Workshop!*

It’s finally here!  My brand new, in real life, bookbinding workshop is open for registration!  

This class is being held at the new CBBAG bindery here in Toronto.  The focus for this workshop is mark-making with a collaborative effort.  Then we’ll transform these pieces into handbound soft cover books using a few bindings.  It’s a two day class and I can’t wait to share this technique with everyone!

If you’re not an artist, it’s not a problem; I’ll walk everyone through the steps and give ample time for exploration.  Here are the details:

What: End to End Artist’s Books
When: Saturday September 30 – Sunday October 1 (2 days); 10am – 5pm each day.
Where: CBBAG Bindery, 180 Shaw Street, Toronto (Artscape Youngplace).

For more info, full class description and to register for this workshop, please go here.

Summer School!

Summer (bookbinding) school classes have been going well this year!  If you missed last weekend’s class at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, don’t worry – there are more classes scheduled.

The next class is one of my most popular, it’s a one needle coptic binding, with a bit of a twist!  Read on for details.

Deconstructed & Reclaimed: From discard to journal

Learn how to craft your own hand-bound hardcover journal using discarded books. This workshop will introduce you to the tools of the trade, materials, and techniques to deconstruct a book and repurpose it into a new journal, using the Coptic stitch to bind the book.

When:  Sunday August 27, 2017  10am – 5pm
Where:  Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, 180 Shaw St. #102, Toronto*

*New Location!

For more information & to register, please go here.