Big Thank You!

Day 343/365

This past weekend was a whirlwind of bookbinding fun!  I was lucky enough to teach two workshops in two different cities to groups of enthusiastic participants!!  Everyone was eager to learn and share their creative spirit, while supporting one another to create beautiful pieces.  photo 3_fotor

It’s a lot of work to offer these workshops and I often leave exhausted.  But at the same time I’m always fulfilled by the joy on everyone’s faces when they realize what they’ve just made.  I’ve been told that I ‘make it look so easy’, but I know the angst of the beginner bookbinder; we all started somewhere.  To spend a few hours in concentration, hand crafting a book (which can be a bit challenging at times), and then emerging at the end of the class, holding a finished piece that is uniquely your own.  Well, it’s magical!

In short, seeing everyone leave with a smile while clutching their handmade treasures is so gratifying.  And I thank everyone who’s ever come out to one of my classes, eager and open to learn!

And of course, a big Thank You to the awesome, amazing organizations that hosted these workshops: Graven Feather and the Burlington Public Library!

If you didn’t get to attend one of these classes but really wish you had, there are more lined up, please see below.  (Please note that the Graven Feather workshop sold out last time.  So if you’re hoping to join me for the second round of the Arrow Stitch workshop, register early!)

Hard Cover Arrow Stitch Journal Workshop
When: Saturday November 7, 10am – 1pm
Where: Graven Feather 906 Queen Street West, Toronto
For more information and to register, go here.

Coptic Binding Workshop
When: Saturday October 17, 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Where: Burlington Public Library, Brant Hills Branch 2255 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario
For more information please go here.


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