Q & A Letterbox

Day 339/365

Surprise!  I’m happy to announce that Sprouts Press was included in this month’s Q & A Letterbox!!  Go here to see the reveal post on their website.  11228501_1526586664299104_3675117993110814430_n

In case you don’t know, Q&A is a monthly subscription of mostly stationery items.  There are always 3 cards (usually by local artists/designers) and an extra paper goodie which range from bookmarks to vintage stamps to super mini notebooks!

One of my favourite things about this company: the name ‘Q&A’ isn’t just for cute factor (and the first letter of each of their names).  There are actually a series of blog posts on the Q&A website dedicated to mini interviews with each designer who contributes!  How smart is that?!  Take a look at my questions & answers hereDSC_0705

My contribution: I designed the Gold Nugget Mini Handpainted notebook, pictured above, just for the folks at Q & A (cause they’re pretty awesome!!).  Check out their website, here, to learn more and become a subscriber.


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