Peonies & Roses

Day 255/365P9031589_fotorOnce again, I’ve been inspired by the state of the garden: peonies and roses!!  I suppose this happens because I try really hard to balance my work life (indoors) with some much needed time in the garden (outdoors).  I find a real connection between being a maker of tactile objects and working in the garden; multiple senses are needed to really enjoy both of these things.

If you’re interested in knowing where to find these things, read on.

Ex Libris Bookplates (2 designs pictured in red, 1 in salmon)

Quick Notes Notebooks (pictured in two-tone red and pink & gold)

Watercolour Sketchbook in red (pictured top left corner)

Starburst Journal (pictured in marsala, just below the Watercolour Sketchbook)

Hot Pink Watercolour Sketcher (pictured right in the middle)

Large Fancy Coptic Journal in Marsala (pictured bottom right corner)


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