In the Works!

Day 247/365

I’ve been working on some new designs over the last couple of weeks.  Some pieces are completed, and some still need a bit of work and finishing.  And they all need packaging still.  So, in the meantime I’ve got some ‘in progress’ shots to share, a glimpse of what I like best about the designs so far.DSC_0794

Mostly it’s the colours, of each book individually, and the palette of each series.  Like the bold colours of the covers and trims above.  To me, this screams summer (you know; I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!! or maybe gelato or sorbet in this case).DSC_0756

I simply love the pairing of the floral fabric trim with the gold detailing on the labels of these sweet notebooks.  When set on the neutral brown (called ‘husk’) cover paper, they are perfection!  At least I think so, ha!

You may have noticed that these product lines feature smaller, soft cover notebooks rather than the usual large, hard cover books I make.  I’m trying my best to fill a gap and create pieces that are more affordable while still showcasing the handbound stitching that goes into each book.  It’s a balance that I’ve struggled with for a while now, hopefully this is the direction to fulfill this goal!

These books will be in my Etsy shop soon, and at my upcoming Events and Shows.


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