Gifts for Dad, Collection No. 1

Day 233/365DSC_0840_fotor

Looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day?  These books have been tested by a few Dads I know, with glowing reviews.  Whether used as a boat log, fishing journal, sketchbook or brag book of the grandkids, these handbound books fit the bill functionally, aesthetically and ethically.  Read on for details.

Starting from top left, going clockwise:

Watercolour Sketchbook*Handmade bookcloth in Stone Grey, this sketchbook houses only 140 lb watercolour paper in landscape format.  Perfect for the aspiring artist!

Indigo Starburst Journal*: This hand bound, hard cover book features handmade paper that I’ve hand dyed with Indigo, creating a unique cover pattern.  Sewn with linen thread to create the stunning starburst pattern down the spine.

Ex Libris Bookplates, Set of 4*: For the book collector or serious reader, label your library with elegance!  Hand carved and printed, this set of 4 Ex Libris Bookplates comes in grey and has ample space to write your name and even a date, if desired.  Printed on self-adhesive paper.

Indigo Fancy Coptic Journal*: A sturdy little book for notes, musings or quick sketches.  Covers are hand dyed washi paper in indigo blue, with matching linen thread stitched along the spine.  Inside, find a mix of paper (blank, graph, kraft) to keep you on your toes!

Grey Tweed Dapper Journal*: Don’t be fooled by the title, this book is as much an album or brag book as it is a journal or sketchbook.  Covers are grey tweed fabric, while pages are a mix of solid white and kraft.  Linen thread is used to bind the book and create the starburst pattern along the spine.

Indigo and Silver Quick Notes Notebook*: A simple, hand bound notebook with hand painted covers.  Fits perfectly in the breast pocket of a collared or polo shirt (pocket protector optional).

Black and White Hand Dyed Journal: A one of a kind journal (there are a few in this series, links in my shop) perfect for writing or sketching.  Great for weekend trips to the cottage or recording daily life.

*Can also be found in real life at brick and mortar shops around Ontario!  Go here to find a retailer near you.  I recommend calling ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


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