Latest Projects!

Day 121/365

DSC_0780Please welcome the latest items in my Etsy shop: Large Fancy Coptic Journals!  You may remember a similar journal I mentioned in a previous post, the Indigo Coptic Journal, well these are from the same series, but with different covers. DSC_0785 They are some of the largest coptic books I’ve ever hand bound!  Measuring 10″ x 8 1/4″, they are perfect for sketching, guest books and any other situation where a large page is best.  I also love how the coptic binding allows the books to open flat.  This means that you could even use both pages (front and back, when open).  Then your potential writing/sketching surface would measure a whopping 10″ x 16 1/2″!!!  Imagine that!!DSC_0804

And, as always, I like to keep things classy with my journals.  So when you’re done writing or sketching for the day, close it up and keep it all together with a reclaimed leather and brass button stud!


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