Party at Paperhouse!

Day 77/365

photo 1

There was a festive party at Paperhouse Studio last weekend!  And you know what that means . . . photo 2 There was paper to be made as ornaments, prints to be pulled as gift tags and a few other crafty activities revolving around paper.  My kind of party!  The lovely Pam from Graven Feather was also there to guide us on using this cute little table top 4

A view of the many paper ornaments and garland, all made in house and by collaborating artists.  And some other paper drying on the windows, because that’s the proper way to dry gampi paper.  (seriously, it is.  I’m not kidding). photo 5

It was really nice to kick back and enjoy an evening with fellow paper artists and printmakers!  Also, Paperhouse hosts workshops throughout the year, check out their website to see what’s next!


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