Upgrading the Coptic Journal

Day 69/365

Sometimes I like to re-visit projects I previously thought finished.  I’m going to share one today.


Remember these coptic bound journals?  Well, I chose my favourites and recently gave them an upgrade.  I’ve been listening to your requests for bookmarks in journals, and decided to test the market with these books.

DSC_0735And, the response has been positive!  I love that the idea of re-vamping an already-bound journal.  It really reminds me that these aren’t ‘finished’ journals, but rather artworks that are going to be completed by the person who fills them with words/sketches/ideas/etc.  Theoretically they could continue to evolve into a completely different journal than when originally ‘completed’.  This is part of the creative energy that keeps me going and moving forward – I love it!

Also, I love the dangly beaded fringe/tassels!



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