A New Adventure

If you’ve been following my blog posts lately, you will already know that there has been some exciting news for Sprouts Press!  Well, there’s more.  That’s right, Sprouts Press has started a new adventure; we’ve joined the ranks of many other talented artists and artisans selling their work in the popular Toronto shop: Arts Market on College!  Yay!!  I couldn’t be happier with this decision and look forward to seeing what the future brings.photo-5

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but wasn’t able to until recently.  If I’m going to be honest I must admit that doubt made an appearance once (or twice, maybe) when a little voice in my head asked ‘what on earth are you doing!?!’.  But I got over that, put the first coat of paint on my space, measured out where my shelving would go (shelves that my dad made a long time ago, before I was born, that I re-finished) and really felt a sense of accomplishment.  When it was all done and everything was in place and displayed just as I wanted, it was a truly great feeling!

If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out at 846 College Street, Toronto.  There is probably something for everyone at the Arts Market; stationery, home decor, vintage, flora/plants, clothing, jewellery, you name it!

Even though all my pieces are there and up for sale, this is a soft opening.  Stay tuned for the dates of the ‘official’ opening, coming soon.

ps.  I tried something new and made a short video about setting up my space!  I will upload it to social media and provide a link.



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