Weekend Fun!

Toronto is a great city, there’s always something going on.  Usually there are several things going on, actually, and there’s something for everyone.  For all you creative types, or those dancing around the edge of being a ‘creative type’, this saturday is my first book making workshop at Arts Market on College at Ossington.  photo1

I’ll be teaching the basics of bookbinding, and then diving into a main project; a soft cover journal.  It’s a hands-on class for all skill levels, so everyone will leave with a finished project!

I’ve taught similar workshops at other galleries in Toronto and beyond and I love it!  I am by no means a master bookbinder or expert in the field, but the bindings I choose to teach are the ones I practice daily.  After much trial and error with several book binding techniques, I’ve whittled it down to a select few.  They are the most useful, durable and beautiful bindings that I’ve learned, and I’m so happy to share them in a workshop!

To learn more and register, click here.


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