Happy Holidays (in July)


Yes, that’s right – I’m having a summertime sale in my Etsy shop!  It starts today and runs till July 20, 2014!

There are lots of ways to save: you can use coupon code ETSYCIJ14 at checkout to get 15% off orders $40 and over.  Or you can head to my all new Sale Section to get a deal on a new journal (and no, this section isn’t just the leftovers of days gone by, there are new items in there that haven’t been listed online before – YA!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast but not least, I know there are some of you that really enjoy my Starburst Book Ornaments.  Since this sale is coinciding with the Etsy-wide ‘Christmas in July’ sale I’ve decided to bring them back for a limited time.  You’re welcome, (and Merry Christmas?  Is that said in July?) and get them while they’re still available.


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