It’s been two weeks since the One of a Kind show started, and I feel I’m as rested as I’m going to be.  So much awaits that I cannot sit still for long.  I’m talking about things like new projects, re-vamped designs and SPRING!!  (I will admit, I’ve got both my winter and spring jackets out.  I’m just not quite convinced I won’t need the winter one at least once more).  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve got some re-vamped goodies in the works, just in time for spring: new Hayfever Hankies!  Yup, they’re back and just in time, too!  This batch will be available in white, pistachio, grass green and mocha.  It comes in three lino cut designs, the usual suspects of hayfever; ragweed, timothy/hay and crowsfoot.  Look in the ‘Handprinted Fabric Items’ section of my online Etsy shop in the next few days.DSC_0691

I’m also slowly but surely getting some of the brand new designs you may have seen at the One of a Kind show up in my Etsy shop.  To keep up to date on this, follow my facebook or other social media feeds here.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Toronto I’ve got two shows this weekend, check out the Upcoming Shows section of my site for details!



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