Shopping handmade in Toronto the weekend before Christmas is waaayyy better than the mall!

Day 74/365

As you know, I participated in my final craft show of the year last weekend.  Naturally, people are asking me if I’m relaxing now and decompressing after a busy holiday show season, you know, taking it easy.
I’m the type of person that cannot just sit and do nothing, cold turkey, after so much creative activity.  So instead I decided to take the day to go scope out a few shows.  Some I was considering participating in, others were unexpected surprises!  I just wanted to see what they’re like from the customer’s point of view.  Let me tell you, it was great!  Buying handmade really is fun!!

To give you a sense of what I mean, here’s what my day looked like.

1.  The Christmas Craft Beer Carnival10418905_782575241812311_1390269032052293587_n

I didn’t actually have any beer, in the name of enjoying the rest of my day with a clear head.  Instead I visited the booth of the lovely Nathalie Roze and purchased one of her warm and beautiful sweater toques!!

2. The LocalTOMarket Pop Up


Although it’s inside a large event tent, it was still pretty cozy at this show.  Not everything was handmade, but the things that were had a nice variety and were well-made.

3. The Collective Show


It is the fifth year for this holiday show, which I found out also happens in the summer!  Located in the beautiful new Artscape Youngplace, the level of craftsmanship and quality at this pop up was amazing!  And it runs till the 22, still time to check it out and shop handmade!!