The Studio On a Sunday

Day 187/365


It’s photo shoot day! This is something I only do once in a while, so it’s pretty exciting for me.

I love the challenge of framing a shot to best showcase my work. I find myself often taking photos that tell a story about each piece. Perhaps it’s because of the 5 photos allowed in etsy listings, but it gives definition and an end goal to a photo shoot that would otherwise go on forever in my studio! And yes, I use only natural light, diffused (indirect).

Happy Sunday!



Day 101/365

I’d like to introduce one of the latest additions to my Etsy shop; the Marsala Journal!

This book is part of my Starburst Journal series, and also happens to be the Pantone colour if the year! Besides being a really lovely two-tone red hue, the beauty of this journal is that it lies completely flat when open. This is perfect for sketching, writing and generally pouring your heart onto the pages of your journal.

Marsala not your colour? See this book in a more neutral colour here. New designs are being added soon!